Department of Humanities

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies Program Overview of the Degree

The Department of Humanities includes English, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Philosophy & Religion.

Department of Humanities Mission

The Department of Humanities supports the mission of Central State University; educates students in their B.A. and minor fields and in General Education courses; stresses critical, independent thinking in its curricula; and supports the creative and professional growth of both students and faculty.

The Humanities faculty strives to

  • Help students develop strong written and spoken communication skills

  • Provide stimulating interdisciplinary curricula in all programs

  • Deliver innovative teaching, including hands-on and real-world experiences

  • Support student and faculty research and other creative activities that promote professional growth and enrich the campus and wider community life

  • Teach students to become independent, critical, committed, and confident thinkers as foundations for life-long learning and success in an increasingly global society

  • Advise and mentor students toward their full development

Anne-Marie Walkowicz, Ph.D.
Wesley Hall, Room 212
O: 937-376-6459


James Williamson
Administrative Secretary
Wesley Hall, Room 212
O: 937-376-6459