An Education for Your Future

Learning in an ever-changing world

With the world changing faster than ever, no one knows what the future holds. Many careers of tomorrow do not yet exist. A Central State education prepares you for your future — and for the future. By studying across the arts and sciences and connecting the dots, you will learn to think critically, solve problems, and be ready for anything. 

Preparing for green careers

Central State is at the forefront of the Green Revolution, offering the first water resources management degree in the U.S. to prepare you for STEM- and sustainability-based careers in fast-growing industries.  

Career Services

Experience counts

Central State internships, research opportunities, and co-ops give you practical experience, help you grow professionally, and prepare you to launch your career. Co-ops also give you a chance to earn money toward your educational expenses. 


The research I’m doing involves me connecting with the biology teachers to figure out how to make plastic biodegradable.

Yasmine Allen
B.S. ’22 Chemistry
central state university career services works with partners in many industries to prepare marauders for the future
Empowering success

Help for the future you

Not sure where you are headed or how you will get there? Career Services and Central State’s proud alumni network are here for you from Day 1 and even after you have graduated. They have plenty of advice, connections, and tips.

Meet our partners

Central State partners with employers in regional banking, consumer products, energy, and other industries. Our partners help shape the curriculum, so what you learn is what they need. And they offer internships to help prepare you for your first job.

central state university partners include JPMorgan Chase Bank