Tuition and Costs

The value of a Central State education

A college degree is a lasting investment in your future, and Central State gives you the most affordable tuition cost among all of Ohio’s four-year public universities*. With top-quality programs, expert professors, and a supportive learning and social environment, we prepare you to succeed — and to lead. Enroll at Central State, and your tuition will stay the same for four consecutive years. We call it the Marauder Tuition Guarantee. 

*College Vine

College costs

Figuring out how much college will cost you can be confusing, but it’s important to make sure you have enough funds to cover your expenses until you graduate. The first step is to understand your “net price” of attending college. 

Net price equals your cost of attendance minus what you receive in financial aid.

Your cost of attendance includes direct costs paid to Central State, such as tuition, fees, and room and board. It also includes indirect costs, like books and supplies. 

Financial aid is the package of grants, scholarships, and other funds you may receive. The grants you’re eligible for will depend partly on your family income. Different factors will help determine any scholarships you may receive.

Use our Net Price Calculator to help you do the math.

Additional Fees

On Campus Students

  • $300 Late Registration Fee
  • $100 Continuing Student Housing deposit
  • $200 Late Housing Deposit
  • $50 Graduation Fee
  • $360 Books Full-Time Students
  • $180 Books Part-Time Students

Off Campus Global Students

  • $150 Processing Fee
  • $100 Orientation Fee
  • $300 Late Registration Fee
  • $50 Graduation Fee

Commuter Students

  • $300 Late Registration Fee
  • $50 Graduation Fee
  • $360 Books Full-Time Students
  • $180 Books Part-Time Students

Undergraduate estimated cost of attendance

Understand the costs for full-time students in 2023-24.

Additional information

Each Central State student must have health insurance coverage. If you already have coverage, we will ask you to sign a waiver before you start the academic year. If you do not have insurance, you will need to buy University-sponsored health insurance. Learn more from Health Services.

Covering your costs

Financial aid is a broad term that includes every avenue that can be used to finance your education. Examples include federal and state grants, scholarships, work-study, federal student loans, and federal parent loans. Most types of aid are determined by your family’s finances. Some, like certain scholarships, are based on your academic record or your chosen career path. We have created the resources you need to navigate the process of paying for your Central State education. Questions? Reach out to your recruiter.

Your financial aid award

When you are accepted to Central State, you will receive a notice that explains how much and what types of financial aid you have been awarded. When you get your financial aid package, make sure you review it carefully. It is your and your family’s responsibility to understand your total financial obligation to the University.

Your award will cover some or all of your direct costs, which include the cost of tuition, fees, and room and board. Indirect costs —  including books and supplies, transportation, and other miscellaneous items — may be covered, but only if you still have grant and/or scholarship funds left after financial aid has covered your direct costs.