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  • The Accounting major prepares students with an attractive set of skills and knowledge currently utilized in corporate, nonprofit, and governmental organizations. Program graduates have successfully transitioned to the top four accounting firms, finance and investment institutions, and graduate school. The Accounting program at Central State University is ACBSP-accredited.

  • Minor in Africana Studies and unveil the vibrant tapestry of Africa and its diaspora with our captivating Minor in African Studies! Immerse yourself in a dynamic 19-21 credit journey that begins with the fascinating AFS 1200 and IDS 2100 courses. Unravel the rich arts and literature of the African Diaspora through two engrossing courses, while another pair delves into the enthralling history and philosophy of the diaspora. Expand your horizons with at least one course centered on Africa or non-U.S. African Diaspora regions like South/Central America and the Caribbean. Customize your learning experience further by selecting from a curated list of relevant university courses, all in close consultation with your advisor. Don't miss this chance to unlock the secrets of Africa and its global connections - enroll now!

  • A degree in Agricultural Education will prepare you for an exciting career teaching others about Agriculture. Content courses cover a wide variety of topics including Animal Science, Agribusiness, Education, Mechanics, Plant Science, Soil Science, and other related sciences.  You will learn Skills to faciliate learning for a wide variety of audiences and ages, In addition you can take advantage of multiple opportunities to gain experience through Internships.  In Agricultural Education you will grow into a leader in your field of study.    

  • Learn about the general education and degree requirements for students in the Art Education program at Central State University, Ohio's only public HBCU and 1890 Land-Grant Institution.

  • Learn about the general education and degree requirements for students in the Graphic Design program at Central State University, Ohio's only public HBCU and 1890 Land-Grant Institution.

  • Biology majors study the beauty and complexity of natural environments. You will hone your critical thinking and problem-solving skills through hands-on research and discover the origins of our world in courses, such as evolution and molecular genetics. You can also transform the future of our world by delving into fields like bioinformatics and environmental plant physiology.

  • Mind your business!

    At Central State University, we can teach you to do just that. Explore the many concentrations that we have in the Business Administration degree. 


  • In concert with the mission of the University, Chemistry faculty foster the professional development of students through academic excellence, and provide educational opportunities to students to be competitive in a technological society.

  • The Computer Science (CPS) program at Central State University offers a 4-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science also offers a minor in Computational Science.

  • Students enrolled in the minor have the opportunity to take classes in a variety of disciplines, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, playwriting, and screenwriting.

  • The Criminal Justice major provides an overview of the criminal justice system, the causes of crime, and issues relating to social control. The program is structured around a core of criminal justice courses that include topics in law enforcement, the judicial process, and the correctional system.

  • A certificate in cybersecurity is an option for anyone who currently works in the tech field and wants to expand their knowledge in the cybersecurity niche. It may also be a great solution for someone who is looking to break into the industry for the first time, but may not have time to complete a bachelor’s degree program.

  • The Educational Studies (EDS) program leads to a Bachelor of Science Degree (BS). Educational Studies is a non-licensure degree program and does not lead to a license in education. 

  • The English program provides a strong foundation in the study of the English language and literatures and offers the B.A. in English Literature or Pre-law focus, a Minor in English, and a Minor in English Creative Writing.