Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) program prepares students for a wide range of careers by fostering the adaptability, critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills necessary for personal and professional success in the 21st century. The curriculum provides unique opportunities for students to explore more than one discipline and develop the abilities, skills, and interests that lead to fulfilling careers and fulfill requirements that employers consistently seek in college graduates. This approach draws on the strengths of multiple fields, making students well-rounded, critical thinkers well-suited to adapt to our rapidly changing world.

The BA in Humanities — Interdisciplinary Studies is a rigorous humanities-based degree program. The program's customizable liberal arts-style degree plan supports various student goals, including incorporating differing fields of interest, continuing education from a two-year degree program, transferring with diverse course credits, or changing majors. This degree is especially beneficial for students interested in combining the humanities with training in medicine, business, physics, science, technology, or other fields because the program is designed to give students a competitive edge in the job market.

Students in the IDS program take courses across the disciplines housed in the Humanities Department; their curriculum includes a required introduction to interdisciplinary studies, three courses focused on one specific discipline, key required courses from each departmental discipline, and a concluding capstone course specific to IDS. Students develop their focus with a portfolio featuring their work from throughout the program of study.

Major requirements 

In addition to the general education requirements, you will take the following classes toward the degree requirement of 120-121 credit hours.

Core classes: 

IDS 2100 Intro to Studies in Humanities (three credits) 

ENG 2200  Intro to Literary Studies (three credits)

PHI 2240  Critical Thinking (three credits)

HIS 2202  History of the U.S. Since 1877 (three credits)

BUS 1500  Computer Application for Business (three credits)

IDS 4500  Senior Capstone in Humanities (three credits)

Humanities concentration: 

Choose three courses in a single discipline from COM, ENG, HIS, or PHI (3000 or above).

Theoretical elective (choose onemust match the above concentration): 

COM 3306  Communication Research Methods (three credits)

ENG 3100  Literary Criticism (three credits)

HIS 2100  Research Methods in History (three credits)

PHI 3500  Disciplines Within Philosophy (three credits)

Humanities electives (choose three): 

Choose three courses in any discipline from COM, ENG, HIS, PHI, ILC 2000-level or above, including one outside the above Humanities concentration. 

Other required courses: 

ILC I (or equivalent proficiency) (four credits)

ILC II (or equivalent proficiency) (four credits)

Additional Humanities courses (six credits)

Course descriptions

  • IDS 2100. Introduction to Studies in Humanities (I, II; 3) This course is an introduction to concepts and methods of interdisciplinary study in the field of Humanities. Includes the study of social and cultural issues from a variety of perspectives. Students will gain an understanding of how using multiple fields of study develops a deeper knowledge of societal issues. Students will develop an educational plan for the interdisciplinary degree. Prerequisite: ENG 1100 or ENG 1101.

    IDS 2300. Global Perspectives (I, II; 3) This course is intended to broaden and deepen the student’s understanding of various subject areas from multiple interlocking perspectives. Through readings in disciplines such as history, culture, politics, science, social science, education, economics, and technology, the course provides students with the knowledge and critical-thinking skills to participate substantively in global conversations. Taught by faculty from all Central State colleges.

    IDS 4500. Senior Capstone in Humanities (II, 3) This course is a comprehensive assessment of student knowledge and work in the field of interdisciplinary studies. Students will complete a senior thesis, project, or portfolio that demonstrates mastery of material acquired as an Interdisciplinary Studies major. The course explores issues in professional development, including career opportunities and graduate school studies within the major. Prerequisites: Senior class standing and completion of COM 2206, ENG 3100, HIS 2100, or PHI 3500.