A student shoots video on the Communications Center.

Department of Communications, Composition, and Languages

About this department

The Department of Communications, Composition, and Languages helps students develop strong written and oral communication skills. We teach students how to write and speak well. We teach them how to conduct research. We teach them how to use technology to communicate their ideas. We teach students to appreciate and understand international cultures, and we teach them how to communicate in languages other than English. 

Research and communication skills are essential in many careers, including journalism, public relations, strategic media, law, teaching, marketing, advertising, sales, and many more.

Employers value research skills because they help companies develop products and/or services, identify the needs of customers, improve their performance, keep up with changes in the industry, and compete in  the marketplace.

Employers value communication skills because they help companies operate efficiently, minimize misunderstandings, improve training, and reach new customers.

The ability to communicate easily and persuasively, without confusing or upsetting people, is essential in every busines. A poor communicator is unlikely to advance professionally.

About our programs

The CCL department hosts three academic programs: Communications, Composition and Creative Writing, and International Languages and Cultures.

The Communications Program is ideal for students who wish to pursue careers in journalism and strategic media (including public relations and social media) or allied fields such as marketing, advertising, law, and education.

The Composition and Creative Writing Program is ideal for students who wish to become writers, teachers, lawyers, and researchers. 

The International Languages and Cultures Program is ideal for students who wish to pursue a career in any field that puts a premium on international languages including law enforcement, healthcare, education, translation, and international relations and business.

About our curriculum

The Communications Program offers a BA degree in Journalism and Digital Media.

The JDM CHECK SHEET lists all of the courses you must complete to earn this degree. The check sheet includes both General Education courses, which students usually take as freshmen and sophomores, and Journalism and Digital Media courses, which students usually take as juniors and seniors.

The check sheet tells you when a course is offered, how many credits it is worth, and whether you must pass a related class before enrolling in the course.

The JDM FOUR YEAR PLAN is a recommended schedule of classes for students who wish to complete their degrees in four years. 

  • An internship is an off-campus, part-time placement in a professional setting for you to gain practical experience in your career path or interests in the field of communication.


    All JDM majors must compete an internship before graduating. Internship policies are explained in the Internship Handbook. 

About our courses

Student DJ


Please click the course number to read a description of the course. 

Foundation and Career Development: 


COM 2200: Mass Communications,

COM 2230: Professional Development,

COM 2272: Principles of Electronic Media,

COM 3894: Practicum,

COM 4447: Media Law,

COM 4895: Capstone,

COM 4896: Internship

Research and Writing: 

COM 2214: Public Speaking,

COM 2219: Media Writing,

COM 3306: Research Methods,

COM 3315: Writing for Electronic Media,

COM 3319: Reporting


COM 3300: Radio Production,

COM 3400: Television Production

Communication Elective (one required): 

COM 2220: Social Media,

COM 3308: Film Image and Social Reality,

COM 3330: Public Relations







About our facilities

The CCL department is housed in two buildings on campus. The Communications Program is located in the Communications Center, located between McPherson Football Stadium and State Route 42. You'll notice WCSU FM's radio tower just outside the building. 

The Communications Center has two classrooms, a computer lab, television studio, editing suites, student lounge, and faculty offices. 

Both the Composition and Creative Writing Program and the International Languages and Cultures Program are located in Wesley Hall, a three story brick building on Brush Row Road across from the Student Health Center. 

Wesley Hall has a a large, ground floor auditorium, numerous classrooms, and faculty offices. The Office of the Dean is located on the first floor.