Political Science

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (Public Administration)

The discipline offers a broad range of courses that permit specialization in American government and politics, international politics and comparative politics, and public administration. Individual programs combining the required 33 credit hours of political science courses with related courses from other disciplines enable students to prepare for different careers.

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science offers traditional preparation for law school. The option in Public Administration combines general knowledge, administrative concepts, and skills courses in a curriculum designed to prepare students for careers in public agencies.

Political science faculty support the development of a sound liberal arts foundation and appropriate pre-professional skills for all majors. Courses are designed to further the understanding of the institutions and processes of government and the behavior of decision-makers to promote awareness of the perennial questions of political inquiry and the concepts useful in responding to them and to develop analytical skills.

As a discipline, political science is divided into areas of study based on the subject matter. At Central State, political science courses are placed in the following groupings: American National Government and Political Theory (PSC 1100, PSC 2223, PSC 3304, 3351, PSC 3353, PSC 3361, PSC 3362, PSC 3365, PSC 3381); Public Administration (PSC 1120, PSC 3310, PSC 3390, PSC 4403, PSC 4493); and Comparative Politics and International Relations (PSC 2202, PSC 2205, PSC 2405, PSC 3311, PSC 3371). Students use these groupings to select their three areas of study.

Ms. Brittany Brake, Assistant Professor
Charles H. Wesley Arts and Science Building
Room 323