Life After CSU

Focused on Your Future

Central State is focused on your success at school and beyond. We’ll give you every opportunity to make the best use of your education and experiences: co-ops, internships, leadership training, and career services counseling. They’re all stepping stones to launching your career or furthering your studies in graduate school.   

“I graduated from Central State with a treasure trove of life lessons and protocols that have followed me and profited me greatly in my professional career.” 

Jeffery Southall II '11
Associate Director of Student Service, Leadership, and Innovation Collaborative at University of Nebraska

Coops and Internships

Central State internships and co-ops — whether they’re full- or part-time — help you get the practical training and on-the-job experience you’ll need to find and succeed in the job of your dreams. 

Career Services

Career Services is your go-to resource to evaluate career options and plan for your future. You’ll get help with career-builders like crafting your résumé, prepping for and getting interviews, and more.  

Mentored Research Opportunities

Central State instructors are here to help you set yourself up for success. Whether you’re conducting your own research or collaborating with a faculty member, you’ll receive one-on-one mentoring and expert advice

Leadership Course

Central’s leadership course will help you build skills to move ahead in your career. You’ll gain self-knowledge, learn techniques and begin blossoming into a true Marauder leader — a visionary world-changer.   

CSU Alumni Community

Central State alumni serve as a supportive second family to students and always are ready to help you navigate college and career. You can rely on them for advice, an introduction to their networks or just a friendly ear.  

Malik Perkins (’14, Communications and Broadcasting) balanced academics with extracurricular activities at Central State. He hosted WCSU’s Jazz at Sundown Show, wrote for the newspaper, marched in the band, and headed the school’s National Association of Black Journalists chapter. After graduating, he was able to jump right into a career in broadcast journalism.