Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice


The course of study consists of a general overview of the components of the criminal justice system. Within the major, students may choose to emphasize one of three areas.

The law enforcement emphasis is designed primarily for students who want to become local, state, or federal law enforcement officers (e.g., city police officers, state highway patrol officers, or FBI agents).

The judicial emphasis is for those students who want to continue their education in law school or other areas of this branch of the criminal justice system (e.g., victim advocate, pretrial investigator, etc).

Finally, the corrections emphasis is best suited for students who want to work in a correctional setting for juveniles or adults (e.g., correctional caseworker, correctional officer, drug counselor, parole officer, or probation officer).

Students must earn a C or better in all criminal justice courses and in SOC 2206 and SOC 3333. 

Dr. Bradley Buckmeier, Assistant Professor
Charles H. Wesley Arts and Science Building
Room 127B
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Dr. Allison Fernandez, Assistant Teaching Professor

Dr. Virginia Redman, Assistant Professor
Charles H. Wesley Arts & Science Building
Room 127A
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Dr. Timbre Wulf, Assistant Teaching Professor