Mass Communications Center


The Mass Communications Center at Central State University houses WCSU FM Jazzy 88.9, On Our Own (OOO) Radio, a television production and studio lab, and a computer lab to support students in Central State's four colleges.  

Also housing the Department of Communications, Composition, and Languages, the center is a staple for Marauders studying communications, composition and creating writing, and international languages and cultures. CHAS prepares students for successful careers in journalism, public relations, strategic media, law, teaching, marketing, advertising, sales, and more. 

WCSU: A first for HBCUs

WCSU is the only minority-owned and operated, non-commercial Ohio Public Radio (OPR) station broadcasting in Ohio.

As the first Historically Black College or University (HBCU) federally licensed radio station, WCSU signed on the air for the first time in October 1962, broadcasting from the second story of the Central State College Book Store.

The Mass Communications Center is receiving a facelift thanks to a National Telecommunications and Information Administration grant with an anticipated completion date in the spring semester of 2024. 

The $3 million grant will be split among various divisions, including IT, the Central State Global online division, and Academic Affairs. A total of $350,000 has been allocated to restore and upgrade the Mass Communications Center TV studio space, which has historically been underutilized.  

Once completed, the state-of-the-art audio/visual digital media production facility will comprise a 30- by 40-foot production floor and set, an LED lighting grid with a chromakey wall for special effects, Black Magic cameras with alternating lenses for news, documentaries, and cinematic productions. The fully renovated, insulated master control space will be equipped with a video editing suite and digital audio, camera, and lighting controls. 

A market research study published by Custom Market Insights reports the global entertainment market size and share revenue was valued at approximately $29.86 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $31.83 billion this year and $49.56 billion by 2032.  

“My vision for this facility is to serve as an experiential learning environment to prepare students to contribute to, and compete in, that growing and increasingly diverse market,” General Manager Charles Fox said.

“Accelerated by both demographic and technological evolution, the cost of production is dropping and becoming more accessible to independent creators in social media, news, gaming, documentary, advertising, and dramatic content production," he added. 

OOO Radio is a student-run, Marauder-powered radio station housed on the Central State campus. It offers an opportunity for students to share their experiences and broaden their knowledge of radio production.

Marauder Land Media Group

marauder land media group logo

Plans are underway to create space within the Mass Communications Center for the new club, Marauder Land Media Group (MMG), headed by Stanley Jefferson, TV production studio manager.  

The mission of Marauder Land Media Group is to prepare students — from incoming freshmen to seniors — for careers and internships in broadcast news. 

You can join MMG by attending our weekly meetings during the fall 2024 semester.

We meet in Room 118 of the Mass Communications Center from 3:15-5 p.m. Mondays and in the Mass Communications Center's TV Studio from 1:35-5 p.m. Fridays. We will also meet on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. for our virtual mid-week meeting on Zoom.

MMG offers opportunities to hear directly from journalists about what it is like to work as a broadcasting professional, practice using the new TV studio equipment, and get involved with the student-run newscast, Marauder Land News Update. 

Students will also learn about various roles they may find in broadcast news, such as anchor, reporter, master controller, videographer, editor, producer, and executive producer. 

To learn more about MMG including the latest news and events, follow us on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.

If you have story ideas or events happening around campus and within our community, please fill out the story request form. We'll contact you so we can further discuss the potential news story.

How to request video services

Central State students, faculty, and staff are invited to collaborate with Marauder Land Video Services.

  • To ensure the availability of staff, resources, and equipment, you must request services from Marauder Land Videography Services at least two weeks in advance of your event or other video project. 
  • To request video services, fill out the Marauder Land Video Services Event Request Form. You can also email Stanley Jefferson at with the following details:
    • Event name
    • Event description 
    • Date, start, and end times (if applicable) 
    • Location 
    • Requested deadline for completed video 
    • Your contact information 
  • Requests submitted less than two weeks before your event will be denied. Unfortunately, we cannot accept last-minute requests. 
  • Before the project begins, the requester will schedule an in-person or virtual meeting with the TV production studio manager to discuss the event and video needs. This is a crucial step to ensure the videographer fully understands your expectations and ideas to ensure the success of your project.  
  • Off-campus events may be eligible for videography services; however, at least two weeks’ notice is required, and all other areas of this policy will apply.
TV studio with large microphone between two leather chairs

Video expectations

  • All scripts and videos that will be viewed by external audiences through social media platforms, the University website, television, and other communications channels must be approved by the TV production studio manager, the Division of Institutional Advancement, and the department head.  
  • All student videographers must be approved by the TV production studio manager before going out to record any event. Those interested in training on how to shoot and edit videos may contact the TV production studio manager to schedule time at the Mass Communications Center TV Studio.
  • Those wanting to use video, photos, or other intellectual property belonging to someone else are required to have the person who rightfully owns the footage complete the Marauder Land Productions Videography Services Video, Audio, Artwork, Music and Photo Request Form and email it to This is to ensure that Marauder Land Productions Videography has permission to use their work. Please be sure to follow the instructions listed on the form. 
  • If you are shooting video of students (depending on the event) or minors, you are also required to fill out the Marauder Land Student/Minor Release Form
  • The organizer of an event taking place on or off campus involving students and who wants to request students' consent before shooting video is required to email the TV production studio manager about this request at least two weeks in advance of the event to give us a chance to have the students participating fill out the form. Once they complete the form, please email it to
  • All finished and approved videos will be emailed back to you as a link to Microsoft OneDrive. The video also may be available via email by using WeTransfer upon request.  
  • If you find an error or any other mistake in the video, please email the TV production studio manager as soon as possible before the deadline to complete the video so the manager can make the appropriate corrections. 

Collaborate with us

Request expert support for your next video project by filling out the Marauder Land Videography Services Events Request Form. Whatever your video needs, our staff can help make your vision a reality. 

TV studio and computer lab use procedures


  • To reserve the TV studio, fill out the Mass Communications Center TV Studio Sign-up Form. If you are using an outside vendor, employer, or organization that is associated with Central State, please provide the name of the company and contact information in the relevant section on the form. That outside vendor, employer, or organization will also be required to fill out the Mass Communications Center TV Studio Sign-Up Form (Non-Central State employees).
  • The studio and lab are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
  • Non-Central State employees will need to fill out the Mass Communications Center TV Studio Sign-Up Form (Non-Central State employees)CONTRACTED VENDORS, ORGANIZATIONS, OR EMPLOYERS ASSOCIATED WITH CENTRAL STATE UNIVERSITY ARE EXEMPT FROM FILLING OUT THIS FORM.
  • When you reserve the studio, you are expected to arrive on time. If you will be more than 10 minutes late, please email Stanley Jefferson at Failure to do so will result in your reservation being automatically canceled, and the studio will be open for other uses. 
  • If you are late for your appointment to use the studio more than three times in a semester, you will no longer be able to reserve the TV studio for the remainder of the semester.  
  • You may reschedule your appointment for the studio if you cannot make it in at all, but you must notify the TV production studio manager and fill out the form again. You may lose privileges to use the studio if you reschedule excessively. 
  • Additionally, everyone is required to read and sign the TV Studio Policy.

The studio is available at the following times during the spring 2024 semester:

  • 8 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Mondays

  • Closed on Tuesdays for Land-Grant Communications' ongoing reservation. 

  •  8 a.m.-2:45 p.m. Wednesdays

  • All-day availability (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) Thursdays

  • All-day availability (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) Fridays

The studio is also available on weekends, but the TV production studio manager must know about use at least two weeks in advance so further arrangements can be made for your convenience.


  • When you are finished using the studio or lab, you must clean up after yourself, put everything back where it belongs, and log out of and shut down the computers. 
  • The computer lab is for academic purposes only. All other University computer-use policies apply.  
  • Absolutely no food or drinks are permitted inside the computer lab or TV studio.  

If you have any questions, challenges, or concerns, email Stanley Jefferson at

Meet the TV production studio manager

Stanley Jefferson is the new TV production studio manager at Central State University. He comes in with a tremendous amount of experience as a reporter, video editor, and news photographer at numerous TV stations across the country. 

From 2012-23, Jefferson worked for TV outlets in Parkersburg, West Virginia; Augusta, Georgia; Lexington, Kentucky; Fort Myers, Florida; Waco, Texas; and Cincinnati, Ohio. Jefferson also volunteered at Lexington City Church (formerly Quest Community Church) as a camera operator and Waycross Community Media, where he hosted a talk show discussing the happenings around Greater Cincinnati. Additionally, he interned at television stations in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2009, and Marquette, Michigan, in 2012. 

A native of Lexington, Kentucky, Jefferson graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2009 with a bachelor's degree in broadcast news and a minor in athletic coaching. He also received a post-baccalaureate degree in entertainment and sports promotions from Northern Michigan University in 2012. 

Jefferson’s enthusiasm is contagious as he brings his lengthy experience in the news business to the students and helps them prepare for their future careers in journalism. 

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