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In concert with the mission of the University, Chemistry faculty foster the professional development of students through academic excellence, and provide educational opportunities to students to be competitive in a technological society. The specific objectives of the discipline are to provide students with:

Opportunities exist for undergraduate research experience, both on campus and through summer internships. Development of a strong sense of professionalism, with the motivation to pursue graduate study is encouraged. Professional programs include preparation for dental, medical, pharmacy and veterinary schools. An option in forensic science will prepare students for jobs or graduate school in forensic science. The program leads to a Bachelor of Science; in addition, a student may receive a B.S. degree in Secondary Education in middle school education in the Physical Sciences.

CSU Chemistry Club

If you are a chemistry major, take chemistry classes, or just interested in chemistry you are welcomed to join. The purpose of the chemistry club is to promote awareness, interest, and involvement in chemistry.



Contact: Visit Dr. Seleem's office, Joshua I. Smith Center for Education and Natural Sciences Room 177, for more information.


What Makes the CSU Chemistry Program Stand Out??