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DALS Externally Funded Projects

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Only projects led by a Principal Investigator (PI) who is a faculty member at DALS are included in the listing.


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Current Projects

Collaborative Research: REU Site: STEM Research for Social Change NSF $184,016 2023-2026 Leanne Petry

Past Projects

Retrogressive Approach to Determine Fungal Biodegradation Responses and Mechanisms to Polyurethane-based Coatings SERDP $100,000 2020-2024 Leanne Petry
COLLABORATIVE RET Site: Global STEM - Appropriate Technologies for Developing Communities NSF $268,189 2019-2024 Leanne Petry
Integrated Instrumental System for Research and Education in Analytical Chemistry DoD $600,000 2021-2023 Leanne Petry
Collaborative Research: Collaborative RET site: Inspiring the Next Generation of a Highly-Skilled Workforce in Advanced Manufacturing and Materials NSF $181,408 2014-2018 Leanne Petry