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Current News and Updates:

What is ROTC?

The Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC) is a collegiate program that allows Scholars, Athletes, and Leaders to earn a Commission as an Officer in the United States Army. Students who enroll in the program will receive one of the best leadership training courses offered in the country. Along with normal classwork, Cadets have the opportunity to develop as leaders, conduct military training, maintain physical fitness, and participate in programs such as Airborne School, Air Assault School, and the Cultural Understanding and Language Proficieny Program.

Who can join?

ROTC is open to all students with no service obligation for the first two years of the program. Cadets who decide to commit to completing the program have opportunities for scholarships and stipends to help pay for school. Cadets with a high desire to succeed and take on extra challenges will have opportunities that no other college student will.

National Scholarships

If you are a high school junior you can begin your on-line application in June. Contact Mr. Harmon at for more information. There will be three boards but you only need to apply once. The window to apply will typically be open until sometime in January but don't wait, get your application started early.

Click here to apply for a National Scholarship

National Scholarship

If you are not awarded a National Scholarship do not give up. There are many other on-campus scholarships that are available once you get to school. Call us for details and specifics.

Joining ROTC (Enrollment)

ROTC is a college course that you sign-up just as you would any other course at college. Once you have enrolled in ROTC though the University we will have much more enrollment paperwork to fill out to fully participate in ROTC and to be considered for a scholarship/contract. Space for qualified Cadets is very limited these days. If your plan is to skip the first year and enroll in your sophomore year you may be too late. There is really nothing for you to do prior to school starting except to get in good physical shape. We will do all your paperwork to enroll you once class has started.

Simultaneous Membership Program Opportunities

You can earn a scholarship and commission and serve your country and state part-time in the Ohio Army National Guard or the United States Army Reserves. Contact us at to learn about the SMP opportunities. This program requires to enlist in the Guard or Reserves and participate in ROTC at the same time. One weekend a month you will have the opportunity to drill with your unit as an SMP Cadet where you will learn and practice your leadership skills. You are non-deployable once your are contracted with ROTC and there is a list of different benefit packages you can earn as either a scholarship Cadet or as a non-scholarship Cadet. You are strongly encourgaged to talk to Mr. Harmon prior to enlisting for the SMP program.

High School Transcripts - ACT/SAT

If you are a new Cadet to the Central State Army ROTC program and will be enrolling in a Military Science class we are now required to have your high school transcripts and verification of your ACT or SAT score. Please bring these documents with you to school when you enroll in ROTC.

Contact Central State Army ROTC

To learn more about Army ROTC and how to earn your commission as an Army Officer at Central State or one of our affiliate schools contact the Recruiting Operations Officer, Steve Harmon, at or call or text him at (937) 361-2263.

Sending a text to (937) 361-2263 is the fastest way to contact Army ROTC.

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