Sociology is the study of how society affects human behavior. Sociologists investigate the social causes and consequences of human behavior from political protests to the role of race in healthcare.

Central State offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Sociology as well as a minor in Sociology. Students in the Sociology program gain knowledge of human cultures and practical skills such as critical thinking and teamwork. They also learn how to apply their appreciation of diverse human experiences and unique sociological perspectives to real-world situations while enhancing their verbal and written communication skills. According to the Association of American Colleges and Universities, knowledge of human cultures, the ability to work in diverse teams, written and oral communication skills, and appreciation of others’ cultural values and traditions are some of the most sought-after aptitudes in the modern workplace ( Sociology prepares students well to contribute to their workplaces in these areas.

Graduates of the Sociology program have several career paths open to them including sociologist, census worker, guidance counselor, human resources staff, lawyer, business consultant, market researcher, public relations specialist, and many others.

If you think Sociology may be for you or you just want more information about our program, please contact one of the professors below:

Genevieve Ritchie-Ewing, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Wesley Hall, Room 324 
O: 937-376-6505

Stanley (Adam) Veitch, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Wesley Hall, Room 328
O: 937-376-6506