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photo of student in classThe Psychology program is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge of the field of psychology. In addition to ensuring the development of professional skills, the program prepares students for graduate study in psychology or employment in the fields of mental health, social services, criminal justice, gerontology, education, and related areas. Extensive use of speakers and extra curricula activities allow students to explore a wide range of views on issues related to the field of psychology.

Students also have the opportunity for experiential learning through internships. In collaboration with the University's Career Services, the department provides internships for practical experience in psychiatric clinics, child welfare agencies, and other organizations, with probation officers in the court system, and with counselors in the education system.

There are great possibilities for graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, including positions in psychiatric care, day care, child welfare, schools, commercial companies, and the court system.

Dr. Omesh Johar
Assistant Professor of Psychology
126 Wesley Hall

Dr. Edison Perdomo
Associate Professor of Psychology
126 Wesley Hall

Dr. Greta Winbush
Professor of Psychology
105 Louis Stokes Center