John W. Garland College of Engineering, Science, Technology, and Agriculture




Computer Science

The Computer Science (CPS) program at Central State University offers a 4-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science also offers a minor in Computational Science.

Students who graduate with a degree in CPS are highly qualified in:

Major industry, government agencies, and graduate schools also actively seek these students. The Department has an enviable record of placing its graduates in positions of employment or in graduate school.

Graduating CPS students with a minor in Computational Science are qualified in:

These students are actively sought by industry, business and government agencies.

The Computer Science curriculum spans the spectrum from a general interest course in computer literacy to specialized topics for computer science majors in software engineering, computer architecture, system management, and computer networking. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for the requirements of the modern day knowledge economy, or the requirements of a graduate program for the pursuit of a higher degree in the field computer or computational science.