Nontraditional Undergrad Admissions

Who Is Considered a Non-Traditional Student?

If you are not applying as a first-year undergraduate, transfer, international, or graduate student, then you are a non-traditional student. Though it is a broader category than most of our student applicant populations, if you look below, there should be a student type that you will fit into. 

Non-Degree Seeking Students

If you are not seeking a degree or certificate but would like to enroll for courses at Central State, we’ll need to receive the following: 

  • An online undergraduate admissions application 

  • Your official final high school transcript(s) or GED scores 

  • All official transcripts from previous colleges and/or universities  

To learn about the process, see Undergraduate (campus) Admissions. 

To find out how to submit your documents, refer to admissions information for First-Year Undergraduates

Apply for Undergraduate (campus) Admission


Transient Students

We look forward to seeing you on campus!  

You can apply as a transient student if: 

  • You plan to enroll for one semester only at Central State University 

  • You are in good standing at a recognized college or university, and you plan to return to that college or university at the end of the semester. (You may also be currently full-time enrolled at the said institution and still be a transient student with us as well.) 

To apply as a transient student, complete the On-Campus Undergraduate admissions application and email a letter of good standing from the registrar of your home institution to

NOTE: Transient students are not eligible for Central State University financial aid funds.  

Apply for Undergraduate (campus) Admission 

SOCHE Students

Central State is a member of the Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE), a consortium of 21 colleges and universities that allow students to cross-register for courses. 

You can apply to register for courses as a SOCHE student if: 

  • You are seeking a degree and/or participating in a certification program at a college or university within the SOCHE Cross-Registration program.

  • You want to register for course(s) that are not offered by your own institution during the term you want to enroll for, and the course(s) are applicable to your degree program 

To apply to Central State as a SOCHE student, complete the online undergraduate admissions application and submit the SOCHE cross-registration form to 

Download the SOCHE Cross Registration Form

Apply for Undergraduate (campus) Admission 

College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus (CCP) provides eligible 7th -12th-grade students with the opportunity to earn college and high school credit simultaneously while enrolled in college courses taught by an Ohio college or university.

College Credit Plus classes are offered on local high school campuses, on campus at Central State University, or online. Students must contact the College Credit Plus Coordinator to determine course availability for specific localities. 

Learn more about CCP

Apply for Undergraduate (campus) Admission 

Readmit Students

You are considered a Readmit student and may apply for readmissions if you meet the criteria below: 

  • you were enrolled at Central State University in the past for at least one semester, 

  • it’s been more than two consecutive semesters and a summer term since your last attendance here, 

  • you have not attended another university or college since you were last in attendance at Central.

    • If you have attended another university or college, apply as a Transfer Student.

You can also apply as a readmit student if you’ve completed a degree at Central State University and have not attended another university or college since then.  

Applying for Readmission

If your enrollment at Central State was disrupted for more than one academic semester, excluding summer, you’ll need to apply for readmission before registering for classes.  

  • If you withdrew from Central State with good academic standing, we’ll automatically readmit you when we receive your application. Before you register for classes, you’ll need to set up a meeting with your advisor. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar. 

  • If you were academically dismissed from Central State University, you’ll have to go through the academic appeal process. The main purpose of this process is to help you re-enter Central State with a plan in place to help you thrive.  

    • Step 1: Complete the On-Campus Undergraduate Admissions Application and pay the $35 application fee
    • Step 2: Contact the Office of the Registrar to request the Appeal for Readmissions Packet.
      • Review the package and complete any required forms. 
    • Step 3: Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to review your appeal and prepare a Time Management Plan together.
      • Find Your Advisor.
      • If you don’t know who your advisor was, please contact the Office of the Registrar. 
    • Step 4: Contact the Cash Management Office to find out if you owe any prior balances.
      • Prior balances may prevent you from registering for classes.

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