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Vision and mission

John Garland, President Emeritus at Central State University, is interviewed on camera at the Land-Grant open house and research facility groundbreaking
John Garland, President Emeritus, participates in an on-camera interview at the Central State University Land-Grant open house and research facility groundbreaking on April 28, 2023.


University Public Relations and Marketing is the leader in elevating Central State University through communications, marketing, and branding. 


The Office of University PR and Marketing creates, builds, and elevates communications and marketing strategies to ensure that the University reflects our mission of leadership, research, and service. As an intricate part of the University’s source of communication and external awareness, we are focused on valuing education, instilling knowledge, and elevating the image of Central State University. University Public Relations promotes and markets the achievements, advancements, and activities of Central State University departments, students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Your University support team

The Central State University Public Relations and Marketing team is committed to communicating the mission and vision of Central State University. The Office of PR and Communications aims to raise awareness, understanding, and support for the University. Equipped with an intimate familiarity with Central State’s issues and activities, our team functions to serve the Central State family as a trusted extension of the institution.  

The team supports the entire University community with accurate, timely, and relevant news and storytelling. This includes public and media relations, advertising, website support including a newsroom, newsletters, annual reports, social media, University events, photography, graphics, and more. 

The Office of University Public Relations is the only office on campus permitted to distribute news/press releases and media advisories on behalf of Central State. By directing all communications through University Public Relations, the University maintains a professional communication style and ensures that all materials sustain an appropriate public image for the institution.

Our internal and external partners can expect to be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism when interacting with our team.

shovels and hats at groundbreaking with people in the background standing under a large tent

Central State Newsroom

The Central State University newsroom offers all University news and events in one location online. 

Digital communications

University Public Relations and Marketing is available to enhance your digital communications and operate and manage all official University communication channels.


The Office of Public Relations at Central State University has a crucial responsibility of maintaining an updated and accurate website that effectively showcases the Institution's values and mission. The team is committed to enhancing the online presence of the University, making it convenient for students, faculty, staff, and the public to access information about the Central State's programs, events, and accomplishments. Learn more

Email distribution

Mass distribution emails are planned, developed, and sent through University Public Relations and Marketing. This includes campus-wide announcements and external communications to community partners, alumni, and other supporters.

Social media

central state university social media graphic shows a student at graduation as a promotion for maroon and gold fridays

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media sites have increased in popularity globally and are used by the majority of students, staff, and alumni here at Central State in one form or another.

University employees and students who are administrators on University authorized social media accounts, please review and follow the requirements of Policy No. 321, Social Media Policy for University Accounts.

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Use the following branded hashtags to promote Central State content online: #CSU1887 #CentralState87 #InnovationInOurDNA #ForGodForCentralForState #FGFCFS #GiveToCentral #MaraudersGive


The Ambassador is a University Communications publication designed to keep students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, friends, and others informed about news and developments at Central State University. It features faculty news, student achievement, and partnerships.

Central State University publishes this and other newsletters regularly. Check out our past editions at

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Service requests

A member of University Public Relations will be happy to assist you with your service requests. Use the form below to begin the production process. Any costs associated with the project will be the requester's responsibility. Any items, goods, or services that require payment must have an assigned purchase order from the requester before initiating the order.

Central State University Marketing & Communications Request Form


Press releases, news tips, and story ideas: Contact Alissa Paolella at and TiaMarshae Johnson at

All-FYI email announcements: Contact Robin Davis at and Nancy Jehn at

Graphic design: Contact Nancy Jehn at

Social media: Contact Robin Davis at and TiaMarshae Johnson at

Business cards: Click here to download the PDF and email it to Nancy Jehn at

Photography and videography: Contact Nancy Jehn at

Website requests: Please use the Web Services Content Champions listing to identify the person to contact in your department and include Alissa Paolella at and the web team at in your email. If you cannot find your content champion or have general edits and feedback, contact Alissa Paolella or submit the Website Feedback Form.



Scroll through frequently asked questions, and do not hesitate to reach out if you need support from our team.

  • Public relations is focused on building and maintaining a positive reputation and image for the organization. Marketing is focused on promoting and selling products or services.

  • A press release is an official document or statement that provides information about a specific topic and is delivered to members of the media.

  • A media advisory is a more modern way of announcing and inviting media to attend a newsworthy, special event (much like an invitation). 

  • The University issues a press release when something is newsworthy. Newsworthiness is the term used to describe whether a topic is interesting enough for people to want or need to know. It is the first factor the Public Relations team considers before pitching a story or drafting a press release. Qualities of a newsworthy story are:  

    • Timing: One of the most important features of a newsworthy story is timing
    • Proximity: Most people find news and events that happen in proximity are more relevant and interesting than those taking place far away
    • Significance 
    • Human interest 
    • Novelty 

    To request media coverage for University activities, news, or events, please submit the following form at least two weeks prior to the requested release date.

  • To write the perfect press release, you should be able to provide press or company contact information as well as follow these simple steps:

    • Use bullet points
    • Use short sentences
    • Keep your paragraphs short
    • Keep your readability level low
    • Use words and phrases that keep the reader interested

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