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Workforce Training and Business Development Center

The Workforce Training and Business Development Center at Central State University-Dayton targets historically underserved and underemployed populations to create career pathways for participants by providing training in high-demand skills in growing industries. 

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What we do

The project focuses on two emerging industries in the Miami Valley area: advanced materials and advanced manufacturing and information technology and advanced data management. Training will include short-term workshops for certification and long-term instruction resulting in undergraduate degrees. The center will promote small business sustainability, employment opportunities, and educational attainment.

Explore our activities, including professional training to meet the labor market's technical needs.

  • Metal additive manufacturing workshops instruct individuals to obtain foundational knowledge and safety issues associated with AM techniques (3D printing).

  • The Environmental, Health, & Safety and Security (EHSS) Certificate Program offers a critical review of environmental regulations and compliance; workplace health and safety; EHS-audit, ethics, and leadership requirements; and environmental resource economics.

  • The Environmental Permitting and Auditing Program offers a critical review of environmental permitting and auditing of institutional and/or industrial facilities; background evaluation, verification of activities; applicability of regulations; permit- requirements and construction; monitoring of activities; and compliance verification and certification.

  • The Energy Efficiency and Auditing of Water/Wastewater Systems Workshop Program offers a critical review of drinking water and wastewater processing trains; regulatory requirements; energy use of unit operations and processes and overall plant use; application of renewables; net-zero positive energy of wastewater processing; and energy use efficiency.

  • Robotics, Programmable Logic Controller, and Flexible Manufacturing Systems Workshops provide training on industrial-grade flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) consisting of robots, instrumentation devices, computers, sensors, and other stand-alone systems, such as inspection machines.

  • Heat Treating Workshops offer an interactive approach to learning the basic elements associated with the heat treating of metals including a variety of real-life manufacturing situations.

  • Attendees in Basic ARC/MIG/TIG Welding Workshops will gain basic technical understanding of shielded metal arc welding (Stick), gas metal arc welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG) welding, and Oxy-acetylene brazing fundamentals.

  • CNC Programming Workshops train individuals to understand the process of producing high-quality parts.

  • The Energy Efficiency and Auditing of Water/Wastewater Systems Workshop Program offers a critical review of drinking water and wastewater processing trains; regulatory requirements; energy use of unit operations and processes, and overall plant use; application of renewables; net-zero positive energy of wastewater processing; and energy use efficiency.

  • Principles of Drinking Water Treatment and Water Quality Workshop offers a critical review of water resource(s); public water system training and applicability requirements; unit processes and operations; drinking water quality verification; water quality regulations; water quality lab and data reporting; and annual Consumer Confidence Reports.

  • Principles of Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Workshops offer a critical review of wastewater influent(s); l/l; and wet weather-flows; wastewater processing train and resource recovery; solids' processing and management; wastewater effluent quality verification; NPDES permit and regulations; final-effluent reuse opportunity; and DMR data reporting.

  • In iOS App Development Workshops, participants will learn how to be an app developer using Swift, an open-source programming language introduced by Apple. At the end of the workshop, attendees will have the skills and knowledge to create apps for their real-world applications.

  • In Android App Development Workshops, participants will learn how to use an MIT app inventor an open-source Android app development tool for beginners even without coding background. This workshop is designed for K12 computer science teachers or individuals who want to learn Android app development quickly in one workshop. At the workshop’s conclusion, participants will be able to create Android apps for real-world applications.

Entrepreneurship skills development

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In addition to the workshops and programs listed above, CSU-Dayton provides workshops focusing on owning and managing a small business, using Microsoft Office applications, credit management, internet marketing, web design, managing digital media, sexual harassment, discrimination, motivation, and human behavior.

Course outline and steps to develop an effective business and workforce: Business startup (vision and feasibility)

  • Introduction to Making a Persuasive Business Pitch
  • Building the Business Plan Research
  • Resources and Networking Know/Learn Your Marketplace (Supply, Demand, and Value)
  • Workforce Development and Training and Production
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship Financial Analysis for Decision-Making Becoming a Creative and Resourceful Entrepreneur
  • Building and Leading Effective Workforce Teams Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship Product/Service Management
  • Introduction to Social Media and Web Development Building Sustainable Traffic for Business Growth
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Finance and Risk Management
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Effective Fundraising and Leadership Branding
  • Content and Social Media
  • Closing the Deal with Effective Return on Investment (ROI) Proposal

For more information, contact Dr. Terry Muff, project director, at 937-376-6604 or Ashley Browning, assistant project director, at 931-376-6009.


  • The Workforce Training & Business Development Center at CSU-Dayton offers 14 workshops, including Advanced Manufacturing, Technology, and Small Business Entrepreneurship.

  • You can register for a workshop two ways. All of our workshop flyers include a QR code, which makes it simple to register. You can also register by reaching out to Ashley Browning, assistant director of the Workforce Training Center, at 937-376-6009.

  • Currently, all workshops are free to attend, except for our APP Development workshops, which have a cost associated with the industry certification testing for the Apple Coding Certificate. 

  • Workshops are conducted at CSU- Dayton and Central State University main campus, where the labs are located.

  • Most workshops are offered during the break periods because our faculty members teach the workshops.

  • Yes, some topics will build on others, and you can take workshops across the selection. 

  • The length of time in the workshop will vary according to the topic and the instructor.

  • Our workshops are built on a hybrid format consisting of two areas of experiential learning. The first is classroom/theory and safety information, and the second is rigorous hands-on training to build skills and knowledge.

  • No, these workshops are intended for members of the community to attend and gain skills to pursue in-demand jobs. Central State University students can also participate in the workshops.

  • Participants must be at least 18 years old due to the lab safety and learning environment.