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College Credit Plus

Ohio's College Credit Plus (CCP) program can empower students to earn high school and college credits simultaneously by taking courses at community colleges and universities. As Ohio's only public Historically Black College or University and 1890 Land-Grant Institution, Central State University offers a unique approach to learning, promoting academic rigor and positive learning experiences for students from diverse backgrounds. Plus, Central State is Ohio's most affordable public institution of higher learning, according to CollegeCalc.


  • Start college early
  • Reduce the cost of college
  • Reduce time to graduate 
  • Develop your college identity

College Credit Plus classes are offered on local high school campuses, on campus at Central State University, and online. Students must contact the College Credit Plus coordinator to determine course availability for specific localities. 

Admission requirements

A student is eligible for the College Credit Plus program if the student meets any of the following criteria:

  1. Obtains a remediation-free ACT/SAT, or Accuplacer test score; or 
  2. Has a cumulative unweighted high school grade point average of at least 3.00; or
  3. Has a cumulative unweighted high school grade point average of at least 2.75 but less than 3.00 and received an "A" or "B" grade in a relevant high school course.

If a student is seeking to enroll as a College Credit Plus student when a cumulative unweighted high school grade point average is not available to determine eligibility, then the student's academic record will be evaluated to determine if the student has received an "A" or "B" grade in a relevant high school coursework.

Additional requirements for home school and non-public school

Students attending home school or non-public school must comply with CSU Admissions requirements and follow the Ohio Department of Education guidelines to apply for funding or pay out of pocket for tuition fees, and books.

Homeschool families

Non-public school families

Course offerings

Get a jump-start on your university education. Below is a list of eligible College Credit Plus courses at Central State. 

  • These courses meet the Level 1 criteria set by the Ohio Department of Higher Education and must be completed by each CCP student. 

    • ENG 1101 — Introduction to College Writing
    • ENG 1102 — Writing & Researching the Essay
    • MTH 1750 — College Algebra 
  • Level 1 courses are designed to give students exposure to potential majors and career fields. Students should consult with their school counselor before enrolling in classes. Students must meet all prerequisites before enrolling in these additional Level 1 courses.

    Science (non-major pathway)

    • BIO 1500 — Environmental Sciences with Lab
    • CHM 1150 — Elements of Chemistry with Lab
    • PSY 1120 — Physical Science (no lab) 

    Science (major pathway)

    Science majors include agriculture, biology, chemistry, engineering, and water resources management.

    • MTH 2501 — Trigonometry
    • CHEM 1201 — General Chemistry I with Lab
    • BIO 1801 — Fundamentals Biology I with Lab
    • AGR 1150 — Intro to Sustainable Agriculture OR WRM 2200 — Intro to Water Resources Management

    Agriculture Education pathway

    • AGR 1150 — Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture 
    • AGB 2300 — Introduction to Agribusiness
    • AGED 1010 — Community Advocacy in Agriculture 

    Business pathway

    • BUS 1100 — Contemporary American Business
    • ECO 2210 — Principles of Microeconomics 
    • ECO 2220 — Principles of Macroeconomics 
    • ACC 2210 — Financial Accounting

    Education pathway

    • EDU 2300 — Educational Psychology 
    • EDU 2600 — Introduction to Teacher Education
  • The General Education Core for colleges in Ohio requires a minimum of two social and behavioral sciences, one humanity, one history, and one science course. Students are required to complete 15 credit hours of Level 1 courses before completing Level 2 courses. 

    Social and Behavioral Sciences (take two)

    • SOC 1105 — Introduction to Sociology
    • SOC 1125 — Social Problems
    • PSC 1100 — American and National Government
    • COM 2214 — Public Speaking
    • ECO 2210 — Principles of Microeconomics 
    • PHI 2240 — Critical Thinking
    • PSY 1200 — Introduction to Psychology 
    • GEO 1100 — Fundamentals of Geography
    • GEO 1101 — World Geography: Western Hemisphere 
    • GEO 1103 — World Geography: Eastern Hemisphere

    Mathematics and Science (take one)

    • MTH 2501 — Trigonometry 
    • BIO 1100 — Organismal Biology with Lab
    • GEL 1101 — Physical Geology
    • GEL 1110 — Oceanography 
    • WRM 2200 — Introduction to Water Resources Management 

    Humanities (take one)

    • MUS 1140 — Music Appreciation
    • ART 1100 — Introduction to Art

    History (take one)

    • HIS 1121 — Global History to 1500
    • HIS 1110 — History of Africans in the U.S. 

    Central State University requires a computer applications course.

    • BUS 1500 — Comp. Applications for Business

Steps to apply

We are here to walk you through each step of the application process. 

  1. Click here to access the application. 
  2. Enter your email address. 
  3. You will receive an email with the subject line, "Access token for login," from
  4. Click on the link to verify your email address. 
  5. Click on Calendar Type and select College Credit Plus from the dropdown.
  6. Select the term in which you want to take classes in the Term Applying For dropdown menu. 
  7. Use the Student Type dropdown to select College Credit Plus Students.
  8. Enter your personal information.
  9. Under Academics, select College Credit Plus from the Admit Code dropdown menu. 
  10. Click Add Academic Data. Enter the name and address of your high school. Do not skip this step. 
  11. Click Save. A popup message will appear, asking if you want to submit the application. Select Yes.
  12. Click Apply Now. You will then be asked to verify that the information on your application is correct.
  13. Review your information carefully. When you have confirmed your application is accurate and complete, click Submit Application.
  14. E-sign the application and click Submit. You will receive a popup notification stating that your application has been submitted.

Requirements for submitting documents

You must upload and attach your test scores and high school transcript to your application. 

Questions about College Credit Plus? 

For more information about applying as a College Credit Plus student, please contact Coordinator Jahan Culbreath at or Assistant Coordinator Lesa Devond, Ed.D., at

Make your move

College Credit Plus classes are offered on local high school campuses, on campus at Central State University, and online. Complete the Undergraduate (campus) Admission Application today to start your journey!