Academic advising

Freshmen students who have 30 credit hours or fewer are guided and assisted by our professional academic advisors. Our academic advisors work diligently to guide first-year students through the requirements for their degrees, with a particular emphasis on academic success, the development of skills that are applicable in a variety of contexts, and the creation of a strong base for a seamless progression to the status of a sophomore.

Academic advising begins with considering the student. Based on their major, our advisors assist students in making educational, career, and personal decisions. Additionally, they guide students through the process of registering for the correct classes, completing a degree, and fulfilling University requirements.

USSC Advisors: Academic Advising

Faculty advisors for students with more than 29 hours

Online advisors: Central State Global

Academic Advising

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Freshmen with less than 30 credit hours, connect with a USSC team member today!


LaKeisha Jenkins-Washington, Executive Director, Retention and Academic Success
937-376-6049 |

Robert J. Vidal, Program Manager 
937-376-6419 |


Student Support and Academic Advising 

LaKeysha Smith, Director, Student Support & Academic Advising
937-376-635 | 


Academic Advisors 

Ray Moon, Majors: Education, Engineering, Science, Technology, and Agriculture (A-K)
937-376-6356 |

LaShawn Shepherd, Majors: (CESTA) Engineering, Science, Technology, and Agriculture (L-Z)
937-376-6184 |

Beyonc’e Swanson-Frazier, Majors: (CHAS) Social and Behavioral Sciences (L-Z)
937-376-6416 | 

Deahzja Frazier, Majors: (CHAS) Social and Behavioral Sciences (A-K)
937-376-6670 |

Craig Johnson, Majors: (CHAS) Education, Fine and Performing Arts
937-376-6085 |

Carlos Rodgers, Majors: (CHAS) Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences & Undeclared (A-K)
937-376-6026 |

My’kell Howard, Majors: (COB) Accounting & Business Administration (A-K)
937-376-6158 |

Fougere Jacquelin, Majors: (COB) Accounting & Business Administration (L-Z)
937-376-6657 |

Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services

Terron Dames, OASIS Coordinator
937-376-6247 |

Dawn MD Mumford, Mathematics Specialist
937-376-6389 |

Conrad Zagory, Writing Specialist
937-376-6303 |

Kandis LamarReading Specialist
937-376-6436 |


First-Year Experience and Student Success

Dr. Ryan GriffinDirector, First-Year Experience and Student Success & Senior Associate Director of Retention & Academic Success
937-376-6651 |

Tara McCormick, Academic Advisor/ Retention Analyst, Majors: Undeclared: Last name (L-Z)
937-376-6178 |