Africana Studies

Minor in Africana Studies requires a minimum of 19 - 21 credit hours, including AFS 1200; IDS 2100; 2 courses focused on arts & literature of the African Diaspora; 2 courses focused on the history & philosophy of the African diaspora; at least one course focused on Africa or non-U.S. African Diaspora (i.e., South/Central America, Caribbean); and any other course from a list of relevant university-wide courses, in consultation with the student’s advisor.

Minor Requirements (19-21cr) 

Core Classes: 

AFS 1200 – Introduction to Africana Studies (3cr)

IDS 2100 – Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities (3cr) 

At least 1 of the below choices must be focused on Africa or non-U.S. African Diaspora (I.e., South/Central America, Caribbean) 

Arts and Literature of the African Diaspora (choose 2): 

ART 2130 – Arts of Africa (3cr) 

ART 2140 – African American Art History (3cr) 

ENG 3020 – African American Literature I (3cr) 

ENG 3021 – African American Literature II (3cr) 

ENG 3010 – African Literature (4cr) 

MUS 3340 – African Ethnomusicology (2cr) 

MUS 2233 – History of Jazz (3cr) 

DRM 2204 – African American Theater (3cr) 

History and Philosophy of the African Diaspora (choose 2): 

HIS 1110 – Intro to History of Africans in the U.S. (3cr) 

HIS 2250 – Survey History of Africa (3cr) 

HIS 2245 – Introduction to African Civilization (3cr) 

HIS 3370 – History of the Black Woman (3cr) 

HIS 3270 – Pan-African History (3cr) 

HIS 4420 – Africa Before 1885 (3cr) 

HIS 4430 – Africa After 1885 (3cr) 

HIS 3460 – Islam in Africa (3cr) 

PHI 3350 – African American Philosophy (4cr) 

PHI 3315 – African Philosophy (3cr) 

PHI 3330 – African and African American Religion (3cr) 

Electives (choose 1 if necessary to total 19-21cr): 

HPR 3345 – African Traditional Dances: Cultural Significance (1cr) 

IDS 2300 – Global Perspectives (When related to African Diaspora) (3cr) 

GEO 4415 – The Political Geography of Africa (3cr) 

PSC 2205 – Introduction to Africa (3cr) 

PSC 3311 – International Relations to African States (3cr) 

PSC 3361 – African American Politics (3cr) 

WRM 4406 – Agricultural Development in Africa (3cr) 

ILC 1151 – Basic Swahili I (4cr) 

ILC 1152 – Basic Swahili II (4cr) 

Course Descriptions

  • AFS 1200. Introduction to Africana Studies (I, II; 3) Introduction to the multi-subject and multidisciplinary field of Africana Studies (aka, Black Studies, African, Afro-American Studies, Pan-African Studies)Students will acquire the following skills sets, competencies and knowledge base: critical understanding of U.S. society, critical reflection on and understanding of cultural demographics across geographies; international/global awareness; interdisciplinary problem solving or research; appreciation of aesthetical, economical, historical, psychological, political, and social dynamics of African descent populations, including the interrelations of Africans and African Diaspora communities and cultures.