Advising Responsibilities for Pre-Admitted and Admitted Candidates

Integration of Undergraduate Student Success Center, TEAP-C, and Program Advising Services:

The following chart distinguishes the advising timelines for the Undergraduate Student Success Center advisors (0-30 credit hours), the Teacher Education Advisement and Partnership Center advisors (31 credit hours to EPP admission) and the program department chair assigns faculty liaisons (admission to degree). As the “baton” is passed to each advising unit, it is important that high levels of information integration, communication, and collaboration are set to benefit educator preparation candidates before, during, and after admission.

Advising Flow

link to EPP Admission Process page, Freshman Year (30) USSC (0-30 hours) General Education, Sophomore Year (31-60) TEAP-C (31 hours - Admission) EPP Admission Process, Junior Year (60+) and Senior Year (90+) Program Liaison: Admission - Degree Field Work Licensure Exam Student Teaching


Before candidates can take a student teaching placement or full-time teaching position, they must first take and pass required Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE). So, in addition to helping candidates navigate the admission process, TEAP-C also provides OAE activities, information, and materials that are supplementary to knowledge and skills taught in upper level education courses.

For more specific information about OAE assistance, check TEAP-C’s Calendar of Activities or stop by to see a TEAP-C advisor (JISC 220F or 217A).