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Future Educator Disposition

Nathan Boles Director of TEAP-C

“TEAP-C is committed to providing all EPP candidates with a foundation upon which to acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to become highly competent teachers and higher-order thinkers. Candidates should value and appreciate professionalism, lifelong learning, reflective and critical thinking, and cultural diversity, and will gain the competence and care to maximize the educational experience for all students.”

Nathan Boles
Director, TEAP-C

Educator Disposition Manual

  • Whether you admit it or not, you are judged, and you judge others based on appearance. You perceive race, gender, economic status, hygiene, personal style, and other physical expressions, then make assumptions and draw conclusions about appearance. Being professional requires dressing appropriately for the environment in which you are working. As a teacher, you are a model for your students, setting standards of excellence for them to emulate.

  • As a teacher, lifelong learning is essential. You are responsible for instilling in students a love of learning. Showing by example what expanding their knowledge can do for them as individuals and for those with whom they interact—family, friends, colleagues, etc. —is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching. 

  • There are many theories and definitions of reflective and critical thinking, and they are sometimes used synonymously. For our purposes in this manual, critical thinking requires analysis of facts, evidence, and unbiased, objective reasoning with a specific intended goal or outcome as the focus. 

  • We live in a world of diversity in every area of life. Honoring the plethora of beauty, distinctions, and variety throughout humanity and nature is the only reasonable way to live if all of us live in harmony. 

2022-23 Mr and Miss College of Education

As students in the educator preparation program, it is imperative that we demonstrate continuous improvement in our educator disposition. 

Brian Morrow and Chenae Roker
2022-23 Mr. and Miss College of Education