Teacher Pipeline Alliance

The College of Education (CoE) at Central State University (CSU) is in process of initiating partnerships with selected PK-12 public schools and districts to create the Teacher Pipeline Alliance. This effort is led by the Teacher Education Advisement and Partnership Center (TEAP-C), a support unit of the CoE. TEAP-C will work directly with schools and districts to collectively increase the pool of qualified teacher candidates as well as licensed teachers.

Alliance goals focus on:

  1. Developing activities and services that inform and attract 10th – 12th-grade students to careers in professional education
  2. Supporting and developing college educator preparation candidates into professional and persistent educators
  3. Mentoring provisionally licensed/resident teachers

  4. To pursue its goals the proposed Alliance will cycle through:

  5. Information sessions for 10-12th-grades students who’ve expressed an interest in teacher (TEAP-C: overview of basic academic skill requirements and professional teaching dispositions)
  6. Two-three week on-campus summer programs (TEAP-C: study skills, test-taking, demonstration of dispositions)
  7. K-12 teacher and administrators professional development presentations to CSU college educator preparation candidates (PK-12 teachers/administrators: in-class presentations, interactive technology, panels, lectures, demonstrations…)
  8. Preparing candidates to take and pass the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) and linking assessment domains and competencies to teacher/student performance and (OAE preparation, coursework/field relationships to tests, reinforcement, simulations, and practice sessions)