Student Health Insurance

All adults must carry health insurance. It is the law. All full-time students are automatically billed for the CSU Student Health Plan. You may waive the Health Plan if you complete a waiver application, documenting proof of other health insurance.

If you have health insurance in addition to what CSU offers, please call the 1-800 number on your insurance card to determine what your insurance covers and in what locations you can use it before you make the decision to waive (opt out of) the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan.

If you waive (opt out of) the CSU student health insurance plan, you will not be eligible for all Health Center (Wellness Center) services and will be personally responsible for any fees from visits to outside doctors, clinics, urgent care centers, and ERs.

In general, out-of-state Medicaid plans are only accepted in Ohio for emergencies and not for routine care. If you think you may be eligible for Medicaid, please contact staff in the Student Health and Wellness Center at 937-376-6134. They can direct you to expert assistance.

An electronic waiver application process is available for new and returning students who enter CSU in the fall semester. Insurance is for an entire academic year and is billed by semester. For new and returning students who enter CSU in the spring semester, information about the waiver application process will be provided during the admissions process.

To learn more about the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan or to apply for the waiver using the waiver link please visit:

For further information, please contact 937-376-6134.