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The Financial Literacy Workshops are mandatory for any student receiving institutional aid.
We welcome and encourage all students to attend these workshops as they will offer guidance in making sound financial decisions.

Institutional aid includes any funding granted to a student by the university. For example: all athletic aid, choir, band, Residence Hall Advisors, Auxiliary, departmental scholarships, etc.

If you plan on receiving this aid for the following year, you must attend four (4) Financial Literacy workshops this academic year to receive the funding the upcoming year.


Financial Aid Update - COVID-19 Virus

Message One: We Are Here for You!!!

From the Office of Financial Aid

Valued Marauders:
During the course of an academic semester, emergencies (like the COVID-19 virus) may arise that disrupt the normal academic pace of traditional, in-person classes. That does not mean, however, that classes need to stop. As such, please be assured that your education matters!!! By now you know that Central State University has converted all courses for spring 2020 to an online instructional delivery format. That’s right! You will be able to complete the spring semester from the comfort of your home and not lose any course credits. Please be reminded that on-line instruction for all courses began on Monday, March 23 and continues on through the end of the semester. This means that it is imperative for you to remain actively engaged to successfully complete your courses.

Your Financial Aid Team is working remotely from their homes, and the best way to reach them is by emailing: And since we may also need to call you, be aware that those calls may come from different telephone numbers than you are used to, as we are using Google and softphone numbers. If we leave a message, please return our call or send us an email response. We are here to support you.

We know that you have many questions about Financial Aid at Central. Just know, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!! Below we have identified some questions and provided information and additional direct contact information for the individual(s) who will be on standby ready to answer any concerns that you may have.

How do I find out if I have enough financial aid to pay for Summer School 2020?
To determine if you have sufficient funds to attend Summer School, please email the Financial Aid team at: We will reply to your question within 48 hours. To be considered for financial aid for Summer School Session 2020, you must complete the Summer School Application and submit it no later than April 7, 2020. Please access the application at the 2020 Summer School Application Link.

What do I do if I have a HOLD on my account? Please email the Cash Management Office at: In most cases, you have a balance owed on your account and will need to make arrangements to pay it.

What about the Housing/Meals credit? The University is still reviewing the final process for determining the method that credits are given. However, in most cases, students should expect to receive a credit for unused housing/meals. The manner and timeline will be communicated soon from the Housing Office. Unfortunately, the Financial Aid office cannot provide any other information.

May I continue Work Study? Work-Study a need-based program, funded by the Department of Education, has provided guidelines for continuing to pay students during emergency circumstances that prevents students from working their normal shift on campus. The Financial Aid Office is working with the Office of Student Employment to determine the exact process but expect to have a resolution communicated to you in the coming weeks. All students who were currently working before leaving campus should expect emailed correspondence on what the next steps will be. Please keep in mind that you can only be paid up to the maximum amount awarded on your award letter. If you have exceeded this amount, you will not be awarded any additional funds. For updates, information, and directives related to your Federal Work Study, please contact Financial Aid at:

How do I finish ‘Handle My Business’ (HYB) for the Fall term? Handle Your Business will be managed from the comfort of your home. Complete these steps for financial aid:

    1. Complete the 2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    2. Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) as you complete your FAFSA for the best processing. Using the IRS DRT reduces your chance of making errors and makes the verification processes easier, if selected.
    3. If selected for verification, log into your Student Forms Portal at: and complete the necessary steps.
    4. Once all required steps are completed, allow up to 10 days for Financial Aid to review and complete your packaging.
    5. Once all required steps are completed and your aid is awarded, you will receive an Award Notification via email. Your name will be sent to the Office of Cash Management and Housing so that you can move to the “Next Steps” in the HYB process. In the event more information or documentation is needed we will alert you via email. These calls may also come from different telephone numbers than you are used to seeing as we are working remotely while the campus is closed. If we leave messages, please call us back! We are trying to help you finish your processes.

    When will my scholarship be applied for Fall? If you are waiting on a University funded scholarship (Band, Choir, Housing etc.), please be patient. The Financial Aid office has requested each of these units provide information as soon as possible but no later than June 1st. Following NCAA guidelines, Athletics will provide scholarship information by July 1st. For scholarships from external sources, as soon as the Financial Aid office receives official notice of the award, it will be added to your financial aid award and you can see it in MyCSU on the financial aid tab.

    How do apply for PLUS loan? 2020-2021 Parent Plus loan applications will NOT be available until April 15th. At this time, the following link will assist you with accessing the PLUS loan application: Once your parents have completed the application, please email the Financial Aid office and let them know. This will inform the Financial Aid officer to make the necessary adjustment to your student account.

    As always if you have questions or need assistance please reach out to us at: