Educator Disposition

Department of Professional Education Testing Requirements

Becoming a teacher in Ohio requires demonstrating competencies and abilities in basic academic skills (reading, writing, and mathematics), program content, and teaching strategies in a specified grade band. Students admitted to the Educator Preparation Program must take and pass all Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) before student teaching. Passing required OAEs are required to receive a teaching license in Ohio.


TEAP-C provides OAE workshops facilitated by the Department of Professional Education content specialist every semester, including the summer!

Lovie-Afi Greene
Intervention Specialist, 2023 graduate

Preparing for The Classroom

Taking and passing all OAE exams are required for all admitted students in their content area. TEAP-C assists students in the Department of Professional Education by preparing them to take their exams to be successful candidates in the classroom. 

Preparing for the classroom
Tyunna Ansley

TEAP-C provides an assortment of supplementary instruction and materials to help students with study skills, time management, and OAE preparation. Student disposition is also imperative for future educators' success in the EPP and classroom!

Tyunna Ansley
Educational Studies major