Choral Scholarships & Audition Information

Choral Scholarships & Audition Information


Thank you for your interest in the Central State University Chorus, the flagship choral ensemble at Central State University. The Central State University Chorus is committed to the advancement of music as an artistic and academic discipline, a viable professional field, and as a prominent presence in the national and international choral ecosystem. Central State University is located in Wilberforce, Ohio, just 30 minutes away from Dayton, Ohio, and 45 minutes from Cincinnati, Ohio.


The Central State University Chorus boasts a rich tradition of choral excellence. Performance locations include The White House, Germany, China, Prague, South America, and extensively throughout the United States. This is an exciting time to join the CSU family. 




Central State University Chorus offers a limited number of scholarships to music majors and non-music majors. An audition is required for all scholarships, contingent upon full participation in the Central State University Chorus. Scholarship awarding varies from year-to-year and is distributed based on academic performance, singing ability, the ensemble’s needs, and overall commitment to the choral program.


Admission to Central State is required to be considered for a choral scholarship. Priority consideration will be given to those who audition before March of each academic year. Scholarship recipients are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.7 to remain eligible for the scholarship. Other factors such as attendance, collegiality, reliability, etc., will weigh into the consideration for scholarship awards and renewals. For more information, contact Dr. Carlos B. Brown at or 937-376-6244.



To schedule a live audition, please complete the Central State University Chorus Scholarship Audition Form and send an email to with the dates and times you are available to come to campus for an audition.

A video audition is also an option. If you are unable to visit the campus, please record yourself singing a vocal solo and a major scale, be sure to state your name, hometown, high school, preferred voice part, and the title of your solo at the beginning of the video. Complete the Central State University Chorus Scholarship Audition Form and include a link to the video file.