Environmental Humanities

Minor in Environmental Humanities requires a minimum of 18 credit hours with 12 being required from the following: IDS 1400; IDS 2100; at least 2 courses focused on the environment from the perspective of the Humanities; and 2 electives from a menu of relevant science courses.

Minor Requirements (18 credits) 

Core Classes: 

IDS 1XXX – Intro to Environmental Humanities (3cr) 

IDS 2100 – Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities (3cr) 

Advanced Core Classes (choose 2 or more): 

PHI 3200 – Environmental Ethics (3cr) 

PHI 4XXX – The Larger Self (3cr) 

ENG 2XXX – Eco-Lit (3cr) 

ENG 4XXX – Animal Studies (3cr) 

ENG 4XXX – Race and Environment (3cr) 

IDS 4XXX – Special Topics in Environmental Humanities (3cr) 

Electives (choose 2): 

BIO 1500 – Environmental Science (3cr) 

ENE 4425 – Solid and Hazardous Waste Management (3cr) 

ENE 2200 – Intro to Environmental Engineering (3cr) 

WRM 2200 – Intro to Water Resources/Management (3cr) 

WRM 3308 – Water and Environmental Law (3cr) 

GEL 2205 – Environmental Geology (3cr)