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A Different Perspective, There is an old story about a farmer who had one horse, and one son who seemed to be down on his luck. The son was very helpful to his father with care of the farm. One day as the son was working, he broke his leg. One of the neighbors came by and said to the old farmer, “it looks like a bad day”. The old farmer looked at his neighbor and said, “no, I can’t say that it is a bad day, all the days are not in yet”. The next day, war broke out throughout the land, and every abled bodied young man was drafted. The old farmer’s son was spared from going to war. On another day, the old farmer’s one horse ran away. Again, one of the neighbors approached the old farmer and said, “it looks like a bad day”. The old farmer responded to his neighbor, “no, I can’t say that it is a bad day, all the days are not in yet”. The next day, the old horse returned with a herd of horses to help with the farming. Soon the farmer was able to produce a harvest of crops that afforded him a life of luxury and he was mindful to share his fortune with his neighbors.
There are times in our lives when it may seem that we are in total despair. Things are not as we intended, and we may experience fear, doubt, discouragement, and uncertainty. How we approach our circumstances can greatly impact our perspective. Our thought process determines our behavior and our feelings. We do have the power within us to choose how we meet our challenges. These are difficult times that we are in, but we can have hope because all the days are not in yet!!!! We may never recover some of the things that we have lost during this time. But with each passing moment we have the opportunity to challenge ourselves to change our perspective. If we can’t recover what we have lost, we can be sure that there are better days ahead, and better opportunities to embrace, and new journeys to explore.
Take courage, because all the days are not in yet.