Charter Day Convocation

Charter Day celebrates the 1887 establishment of the Combined Normal and Industrial Department at Wilberforce University, which later became Central State University.

The University will celebrate 133 years of Academic Excellence on March 3, 2020, at 10 a.m., in the auditorium of the Paul Robeson Cultural & Performing Arts Center. Victor D’wayne Little, '85 will deliver the keynote address. All are invited to attend this event.

Keynote Speaker Victor D'wayne Little '85

Keynote Speaker

Victor D’wayne Little, '85

Victor D’wayne Little is a 1985 graduate of Central State University and is currently a working actor in Los Angeles, California. His recent appearance in the HBO movie Native Son, based on a book by Richard Wright, highlights the dreams and aspirations he held as a student at CSU. [Read more]


2020 Alumni Achievement Hall of Fame Honorees

Gladys Gunn

Gladys Gunn ’59

Gladys Gunn is especially proud of two grants that she wrote and were funded. The most notable of these was the one to train welfare recipients to assume entry-level positions at the Montgomery County Department of Human Services. Trainees in the program passed the state tests with high scores and were employed by the Montgomery County Department of Human Services. [Read more]


David Smith

David R. Smith, Esq. ’69

David R. Smith is a 1969 graduate of Central State University (CSU) receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree. He was active in many student activities and served as the president of the Student Government for the 1967-68 academic year and became a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. [Read more]


Charlla D. Allen


Dr. Charlla D. Allen ’78

Dr. Charlla D. Allen, '78, recently earned tenure at Central State after four years of service as Associate Professor of Social Work and as leader of the successful Social Work accreditation process, which resulted in accreditation of our Social Work program for the first time. [Read more]


Marya Rutherford Long

Marya Rutherford-Long ’78

Marya Rutherford Long is a servant leader and trusted community advisor. She serves as the Vice President and Community & Economic Development Manager for the Dayton and Toledo Regions at Fifth Third Bank. She is a member of the senior leadership team for each of these markets and manages their Community & Economic Development programs to ensure each region’s compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act while cultivating community partnerships and executing community development strategies. [Read more]


Bryan Scottie Irving

Bryan “Scottie” Irving ’91

Bryan Scottie Irving was born in Washington, D.C., in 1964. As a youngster living in a major city during the time of the Civil Rights Movement, the riots that occurred after the assassination of Dr. King was a seminal moment for him. The memory of how his community was impacted has helped to shape his sense of urgency regarding one’s ability to support your own people right where you are. [Read more]


Eric High

Dr. Eric D. High, M.D., ’91

Eric Donovan High was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on August 31, 1969, to James and Catherine High. He has one younger brother, Derrick, who is also a graduate of Central State University. After attending one of the top public high schools in the country, Central High School in Philadelphia, PA, and graduating in the top 5 percent of his high school class, Dr. High decided to attend Central State University (CSU). [Read more]


Central State University Charter Day

Hall of Fame

Reginald Elwood Howard Butts ’53 (p)
Dr. Robert L. Bowles, Jr. ‘61
Gary A. Dowell ‘74
Gillis L. Bowden ‘77
Peter C. Gibbs ‘86
Natalia S. Harris ‘97

Gonzalo J. Rodriguez, Sr. ’52 (p)
David A. Lister ’62 (p)
William H. Wiley ’63
Brad M. Beasley ’73
Deborah Perkins ’73
Marcella A. Sampson ’74
Lisa M. Peterson ’87

Harold L. Flowers ’59
Dr. James E. Gordon, ’73
Alvin R. Scott, Sr. (p) ’69
Dr. Thomas E. Simpson, ’65
Dr. Hazel Symonette ’68
Timothy L. Tramble, Sr. ’93

Shendorah Fisher, ’00 & ’03
Derrick Lee Foward ’90
James N. Joyner ’62
Rev. Dr. William Carver Lennard ’63
Dennis J. McNeal, ’66
Rosie A. Turner ’81

Marsha J. Bayless ’73
Richard R. Boykin ’90
John Benjamin Brown ’62
Edwin R. Clay ’69
Sandi Lynn ’68
Dr. Delors Edgar Magee, Jr. ’59
Willie A. Terrell, Jr. ’73
Ethel M. Washington ’69
Roland Winburn ’71

Caleb Brown, Jr. ’70
Terri Cope-Walton ’96
Tyrone E. Dickerson ’65
Dr. David “Fred” McBagonluri ’96
Jeffery J. Mims, Jr. ’73
Dr. Dennis W. Weatherby ’82
Dennis L. Wells ’75

Darryl T. Owens ’59
Kenneth S. Hudson ’61
Mildred C. Joyner ’71
Shirley L. Mays ’76

Charles E. Delane ’60
Curtis Owens ’62

Barbara Saunders ’60
Enrique Riggs ’68
Leon W. Tucker ’72

Yvette Coursey ’63
W. Marvin Dulaney ’72
Joseph H. Hill ’62
Charles Whitehead ’61

Nancy Travis Bolden ’48
The Honorable Nolan B. Dawkins ’69
Fred J. Grigsby, Jr. ’69
Betty Kennedy Shepherd ’71

Doris Nicholson ’51
Felton Page ’69
Samuel Williams ’49 (p)

Joyce Beatty ’72
Edward T. Dixon ’54
Carolyn Farrow-Garland ’70

Richard Clay Dixon ’63
Omarosa O. Manigault ’96
Michael L. Nelson, Sr. ’72
Frances “Kay” Welch ’52

Dolores R. Alston ’55
William J. Waterman ’52 (p)

Gary Allen ’67
John W. Garland ’71
Kwame James C. McDonald ’54

Robert L. Hylton ’54
Louis G. Long ’68

Mildred Jones Henderson ’67
Harry G. Johns ’47
Edith Olivia Washington Johnson ’59 (p)
Thomas E. Kelley, Sr. ’42

Curtis Symonds ’78
Alfonso Wilson ’48

Ronald Eugene Cosey ’71
James A. Elam ’54
Janette Hoston Harris ’62
Donis Eugene Toller, Sr. ’60

Dixie J. Allen ’78
Albert L. Harrington ’58
John T. Jackson ’69
Anthony “Tony” Williams ’54
Joey D. Williams ’88

Gordon L. Berry ’55
Bernida L. Thompson ’68

Otha N. Brown, Jr. ’52
Bryant Crawford, Jr. ’50 (p)
M. Delmar Edwards ’48
Richard H. Shepherd, Jr. ’71
Audrey L. Norman-Turner ’68
Gloria Taylor Towers ’54

E. Eugene Brown ’72
Theresa A. Check ’74
Alex B. DarJean ’75

MacArthur DeShazer, Sr. ’71
Earl H. Duval, Jr. ’69
Clifford E. Gates, Sr. ’48
Lawrence B. Mixon, Sr. ’71
William Ross, Jr. ’48 (p)
James H. Sangster ’59
Lawrence J. Turner ’56

Calvin E. Davis ’50
Jacqueline G. Davis ’77
Jane Frazier Dixon ’57
James Curtis Joyner ’71
Aaron Lowery ’58
Blanche I. Mayo ’76

Michael O. Ajisafe ’64
David G. Carter ’65
Thomas J. Craft, Sr. ’48
George C. Dumas ’59
Terrence L. Glass ’68
Judy L. Greene McGill ’72
Charles H. Harrell ’69
Maurice L. Reed ’50
James C. Renick ’70

Fillmore Freeman ’57
Dwight L. Johnson ’66
Sylvester G. Lee ’57 (p)
Theodore D. Toles ’73
Elliott A. Treadwell ’69
Carolyn Watts-Allen ’69

Donald K. Anthony ’56
William A. Dupree ’56
James E. Farmer ’67
Deborah K. Brown Gaines ’68
Joseph E. Johnson ’57
Melvin A. Johnson, Jr. ’50
Fredric H. Leigh ’63
Betty K. Pinkney ’56
Chester C. Pryor, II ’51
Joshua I. Smith ’63
James A. Wright ’60

Vernon N. Ford ’70
Raymond V. Haysbert, Sr. ’47
Bettye Torrey Oldham ’56

Carneice Brown-White ’50
H. Douglas Covington ’57
Jay Crosby ’50
Jerry Cummings ’63
Dennis Dowdell, Jr. ’67
Delbert L. Flowers ’56
Ronald L. Garnett ’67
Lathardus Goggins ’54
Ronald E. Goldsberry ’64
Charles A. Green ’61
Edward D. Irons ’48
William L. Mallory ’55
June M. Moorehead Marable ’48
Charles Moody, Jr. ’54
Walter G. Sellers, Sr. ’51
Fred Sheffey ’50
Bernice Sumlin ’48
O’Neil D. Swanson ’53
Arthur E. Thomas ’62












(p) Inducted Posthumously