Welcome to University Public Relations

University Public Relations leads the planning, creation and implementation of Central State's public relations initiatives, marketing, publications, and media relations, and is responsible for CSU's brand management goals, policies and processes. The office reports directly to the Office of the President and supports the colleges, divisions, administrative offices, and auxiliary services through messaging, event planning and print, digital and broadcast media relations.

University PR is committed to working closely with all university entities in their marketing and communication needs.

Office staff are available to collaborate with campus offices and departments to develop and implement public relations and marketing initiatives. Our team provides direction, expertise and services that create and sustain a comprehensive and coordinated communications and marketing program for the University, and helps all units of the University achieve their goals and objectives.

The work of the Office of University Public Relations includes:

* Consultation on, and implementation of, media events and press releases, external marketing plans, communications and public relations initiatives.

* Creation and implementation of brand standards.

* Creation and oversight of external University advertising.

* Creation of print projects and publications for administrative and academic departments.

* Media Relations events, press releases, crisis communications, and media inquiries.

* Editing, writing, proofreading, photography and graphic design services.

CSU Protocols, Brand, and Requests

By working through the Office of University Public Relations, the University will better ensure consistency, quality, and cost-efficiency in all university communication and marketing endeavors.

The office has developed the CSU PR Protocol Manual to help University departments present a consistent, credible and authentic message about Central State.

The manual includes standards, guidelines and links to request forms for University public relations and marketing needs.

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PR Protocol Manual

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