Global Education


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I study abroad?

Study abroad allows you the opportunity to gain insight into new cultures and languages while you develop a new global perspective on the world. The world is becoming increasingly interdependent, and employers and graduate schools often prefer applicants with global experience. Study abroad is an important extension of your academic and personal development that you cannot afford to miss.


Who may study abroad?

Every Central State student is eligible to study abroad if she/he has at least a 2.0 GPA at the time of application, an acceptable student conduct record, and approvals from her/his academic department. Participation in certain semester or year-long programs may require a higher grade-point average. Freshmen must have successfully completed two full semesters at Central State before studying abroad.


How much does it cost?

Costs vary by program and provider, but you can study abroad for relatively the same cost as you pay for a semester at Central State. If you can afford to attend Central State, then you can afford to study abroad!


Can I use my financial aid towards study abroad?

Yes! Most loans, grants, and scholarships are applicable towards study abroad for students who will receive academic credit. There are even additional scholarships just for qualified students who wish to study abroad. Visit the Center for Global Education for various funding opportunities.


How do I receive credit for courses I take abroad?

In order to receive credit for courses you take abroad, you must obtain pre-approval from your department for all the courses and also earn the equivalent of a "C" or better in the courses. Contact CGE for the form.


Can I study abroad and still graduate on time?

Your academic advisor will work with you to identify courses that will be acceptable for you to remain on schedule with your academic program. Contact CGE for the form. If you study abroad for a semester, you may take the equivalent of 15 hours of course credits.


Do I need a foreign language?

No. There are many locations to choose from that offer courses taught in English. However, we do encourage you to study the language of your host country before departure or while you are abroad. This would make for a more enriching experience abroad.


How do I find a program?

Consider academics, foreign languages, financial resources, and geographical interests. Students can study abroad for a semester, a year, during winter break, or for varying lengths of time during the summer.


Am I required to have health insurance?

Yes. All students who study abroad are required to maintain their primary health insurance or obtain insurance through the provider, as well as purchase supplemental travel health insurance for the duration of their program abroad. Check with CGE about the options Central State offers.


When is the best time to study abroad?

The best time to study abroad depends on your program of study and your personal preference. Most students find that the optimal time to study abroad is during their sophomore and junior years. We do not recommend that you study abroad during the final semester of your senior year due to likely interference with graduation arrangements.

Where will I live?

Living arrangements vary by program and location.  Some programs offer residence halls and apartments, while others offer host family stays--by which you live with local families in the community. This is an ideal option for language learning and cultural immersion. Students often report their homestays as the highlight of their experience abroad.

Will there be other Americans there?
More than likely there will be a few or many other Americans on your study abroad program.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement?
Yes. A cumulative GPA of 2.5 is the minimum allowed to participate in academic experiences abroad which Central State supports financially. Some providers or scholarship programs may require higher GPAs.

How do I plan financially to study abroad?
All students who wish to study abroad should file a FAFSA with the Office of Financial Aid. Most loans, grants, and scholarships may be used for study abroad. As a part of your Central State Study Abroad Application, you will be given a budget sheet to complete and discuss with your Financial Aid counselor. It is also wise to begin saving additional funds for personal travel and purchases while you are abroad.

What are the study abroad applications and deadlines?
Deadlines vary by program, and some are quite early. It is best to apply as far in advance as possible for the semester you wish to study abroad.

What are the steps in the study abroad process?
Find a program that is right for you. The Center for Global Education will guide you through this process.

Discuss your study abroad plans with your academic advisor and gain preliminary approval for the course(s) you wish to take abroad. Include your parent(s) in the decision-making process if possible.

Once you are decided on a program, Global Education will help you complete the correct application materials and obtain official approvals to ensure appropriate course transfers upon your return.