Policies & Procedures

The Policies and Procedures on this page are in a Portable Document Format (PDF). Additional policies and procedures along with all fully executed copies are available for review in the office of General Counsel. Please refer to the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct for additional policies and procedures governing students.

Policy/ Procedure Index

  1. Board of Trustees 1-99
  2. Academics #100
  3. Enrollment Management #200
  4. General Administration #300
  5. Finance #400
  6. Business Services #500
  7. Human Resources #600
  8. Facilities Management #700
  9. Information Technology Services #800
  10. Institutional Development #900

Board of Trustees 1-99

Professional Code of Conduct

Approval For Signature Authority /Checks and Bank Transactions (1)

University Emergency Revolving Student Loan Fund (2)

Drug-Free Workplace (3)

Policy 4.0/Procedure 4.1 REPEALED

Smoke-Free Policy (5)

Employee Waiver of Tuition (6)

Dependent(s) of Employee Waiver of Tuition (7)

Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Retaliation REPEALED

Discrimination Harassment Retaliation (8)

Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy (9)

Academics 100

Administrative Withdrawal from Courses (102)

Administrative Withdrawal for Non-Attendance (103)

Policy on Overload and Adjunct Teaching Hours (105)

Faculty Workload (106)


Enrollment Management 200

Student Complaints (201)

Student Complaints (201.1)

Student Room and Board Policy (203)

Student Room and Board Procedures (203.1)

Student Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy (204) REPEALED and replaced by Policies 8 and 9.

General Administration 300

Restricted fund Policy (300)

Restricted fund Procedure (300.1)

Emergency Closings (301.1)

Public Records Policy (302)

Public Records Procedure (302.1)

Process for Obtaining Advertising Services Procedure (303.1)

Records Retention (304)

Records Retention Procedure (304.1)

Textbook Procurement (305)

Textbook Procurement (305.1)

Sponsored Projects and Research Conflict of Interest (306)

Financial Conflict of Interest Screening/Disclosure Form (306)

Forms Management (307)

Forms Management (307.1)

Intellectual Property (310)

Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct (311)

Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct - Procedure (311.1)

Safety Policy (312)
Dependents in the Workplace (313)
Visitors In The Classroom (314)
Visitors on Campus (315)
Parking and Traffic Control (316)
Parking and Traffic Control (Procedure)
Default Management Prevention Policy (317)
Default Management Prevention (Procedures)
Maintenance of Policies and Procedures (318 )
Maintenance of the Policies and Procedures Manual (318.1 )
Protection of Minor Participants in Programs and Activities (319 )
Firearms Deadly Weapons Explosives or Dangerous Ordinances Policy (320 )
Social Media Policy for University Accounts (321)
Allocation and Distribution of Recovered Facilities and Administrative Costs (322)
Freedom of Expression and Harassment Policy (323)
Zero Tolerance Hazing Policy (324)

Finance 400

Accounts Payable Office Policy (400)

Accounts Payable Mail Procedure (400.1) REPEALED

Exemption and Reimbursement Exceptions (400.2)

Accounts Payable - Payments for Goods and Services (400.3)

Accounts Payable Check Distribution (400.4)

Bad Debt Allowance Policy (401)

Budget Transfers Policy (402)

Budget Modifications Procedure (402.1)

Cash Reconciliation Policy (403)

Cash ReconciIiation Procedure (403.1)

Revenue Posting Procedure (403.2)

405-Payment of Tuition and Fees Policy (405)

     Payment of Tuition and Fees Procedure (405.1)

Petty Cash Fund Cash Management Cashiers Cage Policy (406)

Petty Cash Fund Cash Management Cashiers Cage Procedure (406.1)

Petty Cash Fund Facilities Maintenance Policy (407) REPEALED

Petty Cash Fund Facilities Maintenance Procedure (407.1) REPEALED

Refund for Withdrawn Students Policy (408)

Refund for Withdrawn Students Procedure (408.1)

Administrative Procedure Regarding Reporting Requirements Policy (409) REPEALED

Administrative Procedure Regarding Reporting Requirements Procedure (409.1) REPEALED

Travel Policy (410)

Travel Procedures (410.1)

Travel Request Form (410.1A) 

Food Service Arrangements With Gourmet Services, Inc. Procedure (411.1) REPEALED

Maintenance of Policies Policy (412)

Maintenance of Policies Procedure (412.1)

Maintaining Institutional Financial Accountability and Responsibility (The Sarbanes-Oxley Act) Policy (413)

Checklist for Maintaining Institutional Financial Accountability and Responsibility (The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002) Procedure (413.1)

Debt Administration Policy (414)

Debt Issuance Procedure (414.1)

Payroll Policies and Procedures Policy (420)

Payroll Withholdings Deductions Procedure (420.1)

Payroll Preparation Procedure (420.2)

Payroll Leave Procedure (420.3)

Investment Policy (421)

Unrestricted Fund Balance Policy (422)

Non-Matured Fund Accounts (423)

Business Services 500

Purchasing Authority and Regulations Policy (500)

Purchases Requiring Board Approval (500.1)

University Credit Card (500.2)

Purchasing Department (501)

Vendor Relations (502)

Bidding Procedure (503)

Purchase Requisition Policy (504)

Purchase Requisition Procedure (504.1) REPEALED

Requisition: Status Inquiries (505) REPEALED

Formal Purchase Order (506)

Surplus Excess Property (507)

Receiving Logistics(508)

University Print Center Policy (509) REPEALED

University Print Center Procedure (509.1) REPEALED

Property, Plant, and Equipment (510)

Property, Plant and Equipment Guidelines and Procedures (510.1) REPEALED

CSU Information Technology &Services Hardware and Software Relocation/Transfer Form (510.1) REPEALED

University-Owned Motorized Vehicle Operations (510.2) REPEALED

University Bus Reservations (510.3) REPEALED

University Procurement Card (ProCard) Policy (511)

University Procurement Card (ProCard) Procedure (511.1)

Request for University Procurement Card (ProCard) Form (511.1)

Receipt of Procurement Card Form (511.1)

ProCard Transaction Log Form (511.1)


Human Resources 600

Laws Regulating the Sale and Consumption of Alcohol (600)

Disposition of Leave Upon Employee Internal Transfer (601)

Internal Transfer of Annual Leave (601.1)

Personnel Actions (602)

Payroll Database Procedure (602.1) REPEALED

Payroll Posting Procedures Outline (602.2) REPEALED

Attachments - ADP Deduction Codes and Payment Approach

Annual Leave for Non-Bargaining Staff (603)

(Procedure) Annual Leave for Non-Bargaining Staff (603.1)

Hiring Policy (604) REPEALED

Hiring Procedures (604.1) REPEALED

Competitive Civil Service Examination Selection Procedure (604.2) REPEALED

Examination Announcement (604.2) REPEALED

Hiring Temporary Employees from Employment Agencies (604.3) REPEALED

Family and Medical Leave of Absence Guidelines Policy (605)

Family and Medical Leave of Absence Guidelines Procedure (605.1)

Remission of Fees Form

Student Employment Policy (606)

Student Employment Guidelines Procedure (606.1)

ADA and Equal Opportunity Discrimination Sexual Harassment Complaint Policy (607)

ADA and Equal Opportunity Discrimination Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure (607.1)

Employment Rules For Non-Bargaining Unit Administrative-Professional-and Classified Civil Service Staff (608)

Corrective Action Policy (609)

Corrective Action Procedure (609.1)

Donation of Leave to Other Employees (610)

Donation of Leave to Other Employees (610.1)

Leave Donor Application Form (610.1)

Leave Recipient Application Form (610.1)

Allowing Administrative and Professional Non-Bargaining Staff to Adjunct Teaching (611)

Non-Bargaining Staff Supplemental Compensation for Work Within The University (612)

Disability Coverage Procedures (612.1) REPEALED

Annual Leave for Restricted Fund Employees Procedure (613.1)

Holidays and Days Off (614)

Policy on Nepotism and Close Personal Relationships (615 )

Annual Salary Increase Eligibility--Contract Employees (616)

Staff Supplemental Compensation for Work withing the University (617)

Performance Appraisals for Non-Bargaining Unit, Administrative-Professional, and Classified Civil Service. (618)

Performance Appraisals for Non-Bargaining Administrative Professional Staff (618.1)

Performance Appraisal Form

Merit Award Form

Workers'' Compensation Transitional Work Policy (619)

Procedure (619.1)

Sick Leave Policy (620)

Sick Leave Procedure (620.1)

Court Leave Policy (621)

Funeral Leave Policy (622)

Employment Background Check (623)

Fraternization and Consensual Amorous Relationships Policy (624)

Flexible Work Policy (625)

Facilities Management 700

Facilities Use for Non-Affiliated Groups (701)

Facilities Use for Non-Affiliated Groups (701.1)

Facilities Request Form (701.1)

Use of Board of Trustees Meeting Room (701.2)

University Provided Vehicle Operations (702)

Procedure University Provided Vehicle Operations (702.1)


Information Technology Services 800

ITS Policy manual Index

800 - General Acceptable Use of Technology Resources Policy

801 - Information Security Awareness

802 - Backup

803 - Banner Student Module

804 - Blocking Network Access

805 - Electronic Communications

806 - Computer Software Acquisition and Upgrade Policy

807 - Digital Access Security Policy

808 - Information Storage and Disposal

809 - Domain Name Service

810 - Encryption Technologies

811 - Password

812 - Physical Access Security

813 - Departmental Security Contact

814 - Establishment of a Secure Environment

815 - Server Registration

816 - Windows Local Administration

817 - Handling Copyright Violations

818 - Purchasing Computing Equipment

Institutional Development 900

Solicitations, Gifts and Pledges Policy (900)

Requesting Funds from the Foundation Procedure (901.1)

Making Deposits to the Foundation Procedure (902.1)