Understanding College Cost and Payment of College Bills

Understanding College Cost and Payment of College Bills

By registering for classes at Central State University, you are financially responsible for all charges related to your course registration, meal plan, housing, and other related fees. In addition, you may incur fines, penalties, or damage fees, which may be processed through the student account. Complete payment of tuition and fees by the due dates and billing statements to maintain active enrollment status and the ability to register for courses in the future.

  •  Estimated In-State Charges 2023-2024


    Tuition $2,707 
    Fees $1,210 
    Room $3,263
    Board $2,806
    Health Fee $   815

    Total Estimated In-State Cost:  $10801/semester    $21,602/year

    This is for basic room and board.  This amount can vary based on the room and meal plan (board) choices of the student.

     Estimated Out-of-State Charges 2023-2024

    Expense Cost
    Tuition $2,707
    Non-Residency-Fee $1,000
    Fees $1,210
    Room $3,263
    Board $2,806
    Health Fee $   815 

    Total Estimated Out-of-State Cost:$11801/semester    $23,602/year

    *Changes to the residence hall, occupancy, or meal plan will affect the annual cost.

    Upperclassmen: Visit Residence Life for instructions on housing, meal plan options, and other information. A Central State student email account is required to access this information.

  • For Newly Enrolled Students

    The final step in the financial/enrollment clearance (EC) process requires that payment arrangements are made for any account balance that is not covered by the student’s financial aid award (e.g., loans, grants, and scholarships) before the start of any semester. Students who complete the EC process are eligible for University housing, meal plan selection, student identification cards, and other amenities.

    Single Payment Option

    The single payment option means that the bill balance is paid in full by cashier’s check, money order, or credit card at Nelnet. 

    • Contact the Office of Cash Management at 937-376-6343 for further instructions.

    Installment Payment Option

    The installments payment option means that the bill will be paid monthly. This option provides a pathway to EC (account balance goal = $0) through scheduled payments made over the course of the academic semester. Installment plans are established online through Nelnet Campus Commerce. 

    • A $35 administrative start-up fee must be paid when the account is established.
    • Payments are made monthly over five months starting in July and are automatically withdrawn from a designated checking or savings account or by credit card. The first payment is due July 1.

    Students may contact the Office of Cash Management at 937-376-6343 before selecting a payment option to verify their balance amounts.

    For Continuing Students Only

    The goal for all students is to have a $0 balance by the end of each academic year. However, if the goal cannot be met, the University will allow a total maximum cumulative balance to be carried forward into the next academic year. No carried forward balance can exceed $2,000. At no time can a student have a new or carry a forward balance that exceeds $2,000.

    Any student who is having trouble meeting their monthly payment plan may contact the Office of Cash Management at 937-376-6343 for assistance.

    Failure to Adhere to the Payment Plan Schedule

    Missed payments will cause an account to be moved to Default status. Accounts in Default status are subject to enforcement collection proceedings by the Office of the Ohio Attorney General.

    Additionally, the following consequences will be implemented:

    • Monthly late payment fee(s) and interest added to the current past due balance.
    • Removal from their Residence Hall and cancellation of the dining meal plan.
    • Inability to register for the following semester.
    • Administrative withdrawal from the University.
    • Administrative hold(s) on official transcripts until the balance is paid in full.

​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

  • All students who register for classes must complete their enrollment into the University each term by receiving Enrollment Clearance. Enrollment Clearance from the Office of Cash Management requires that all financial obligations are met (i.e., payment arrangements for the upcoming term(s) and university charges are in place and current).

  • Administrative Withdrawal means that your classes have been removed from the system, and your name is no longer on the faculty rosters.  There are various reasons why a student would be administratively withdrawn (i.e., hospitalization, family emergency, non-payment, etc.). If classes are administratively withdrawn, contact your academic advisor, and the offices of the Registrar, and Cash Management, are required to ensure your re-enrollment is properly completed.

  • No. The Office of Cash Management does not provide any banking services except for the exchange of cash for a $10 roll of quarters for laundry (one roll of quarters per student per day). However, there is an ATM located in the University Student Center.

  • Financial aid is applied directly to the student’s account to pay tuition, required fees, room, and board (meals). Any over-payment is refunded to the student with the exception of institutional aid and if the external scholarship is non-refundable. Work-Study cannot be used to guarantee payment.

  • Yes, we accept scholarships from all sources. They can be used to pay the bill or reduce the balance due. The Office of Financial Aid should be given a copy of all award/scholarship letters.
    General scholarships are those awarded from religious, fraternal, or civic organizations.
    Third-party scholarships are those which the University has to bill for. The authorizations for billing must be turned into the Office of Cash Management, and a copy must also be provided to the Office of Financial Aid.

  • A refund is determined after a bill is paid in full from all sources, with the exception of institutional aid, and the payment results in an overage of aid. When an overage occurs, the student or parent is issued a refund.

  • There are two methods of receiving a refund: check or direct deposit.

      • Students can sign-up for direct deposit or check in their Nelnet account.
      • Refunds created due to a Parent Plus loan are ONLY mailed to the parent at their home address.
      • If direct deposit is not in place at the time of refund, a check will be issued to the address on the student record.

Marauder Tuition Guarantee

College affordability for students and families is critical to Central State University. The University has implemented and adopted several initiatives to maintain the value of a college education and assist families in the management of their investments. One of these initiatives is the Marauder Tuition Guarantee program.

Enroll at CSU, and your tuition rate will remain the same for four consecutive years, guaranteed!