Africana Studies

The Africana Studies Minor requires completion of 19-21 credit hours of course work drawn from 7 academic departments, and in consultation with an academic advisor. Africana Studies provides a socially relevant education in keeping with CSU’s objective to indeed “turn dreams into careers.” The Africana Studies minor provides access to courses that expand students’ awareness of our increasingly global society. The program explores globalization through study of relationships between Africa, the Caribbean, North, South and Central America, and other parts of the African Diaspora, including the Middle East and Europe.


As one of CSU’s newest minors, we are excited to offer students a unique opportunity to augment their majors in any discipline through a comparative, transnational, interdisciplinary, and community engagement curriculum.


Students who successfully complete the program should qualify to enter viable careers in education, law, social work, communications, entrepreneurships, governmental and non-governmental organizations and post-baccalaureate study in fields such as History, Law, Education, Business, Creative Writing, Arts, and Social Sciences. In any post-baccalaureate plan, faculty mentors and the Career Services Center provide support.


For all majors and minors, we suggest you complete four years of high school English and two years of a second language. We encourage your enrollment in Advanced Placement (AP) courses and will negotiate credit, placement or exemption for AP scores of 3 (qualified) or higher in the following subjects: Chinese Language and Culture, English Language, English Literature, European History, French Language, French Literature, Spanish Language, World History, and U.S. History.

Checksheet: Africana Studies (PDF)