Jeremy Jackson in-course honors project

In-Course Honors Projects

What is an In-Course Honors Project

An in-course honors project is an agreement between an honors student and a chosen professor. The student completes an agreed-upon project within the context of a particular course and under the guidance of the professor. Work performed must be above and beyond the requirements of the course. The size, scope, and nature of the project are completely up to the professor and the student. The project is an opportunity for the student to do more work, not the professor (unless the professor would like to).

Professor Hal Melia black and white photo of him playing the saxophone

In-course honors projects offer a unique opportunity for students to delve deeper into their passions, pursue their creativity, gain valuable skills, and stand out in their fields. They give students incentives to be their best!

Professor Hal Melia
Associate Professor of Music & Director of Jazz Studies