Student explaining in-course honors project

In-Course Honors Project Professor Advice

Debra Burt-Frazier
  • Ensure projects are related to course learning objectives
  • Be with the student to assist them
  • Partner with practitioners in the field of study
  • Give feedback
  • Encourage student to trust their ideas and think outside the box
  • Be clear on expectations
  • Give the student creative leeway
  • Envision the workload you want the student to put into the project
  • Take the opportunity to help a student because it is rewarding
  • Start early
  • Be firm and encouraging
  • Let the student help you accomplish a task, achieve a goal, work through an idea, prove a point, etc.
  • Get the student to move beyond their comfort zones and try something different
  • Move the goalpost for their own sense of excellence
  • Review the guidelines and be open to student ideas
  • Schedule time to meet with students and get to know them first
  • Include student in creation of a project to encourage engagement
  • Use calendars
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