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Cathryn Jones' In-Course Honors Projects

Artist statement:

I am a ceramicist, painter, drawer, and photographer, but I don’t want to shut myself in a box. I have been told by professor and peers that I can pursue any avenue of the arts I want. I am an artist, a creative, an empath, a planner, a dreamer. I want to make others view my art and instantly feel and know those attributes. I put everything I am into my artwork so that onlookers get a sense of who I am. Every teacher, family member, and friend who has inspired me has poured into my work ethic. My artistic process is one filled with intention. Nothing is done by accident even though, at times, it may feel that way. Every mark I make on the page, every brushstroke made on the canvas has a purpose. 


Artist Bio:

Toledo, Ohio native, Cathryn Jones, is a well-rounded artist. She first became interested in pursuing art as a career early in high school. She is currently a rising Junior at the illustrious HBCU, Central State University, majoring in studio art. There, she is learning new techniques and honing her skills on the daily. Her work has been exhibited in the student art gallery show on campus earlier this year. She is working to be in more shows in the future and is continuing to grow in her craft.

In this video, Cathryn describes the process she follows to create her works.