Historical Podcasts

A Walk Through Local African American History : Connecting Campus and Community in Historic Wilberforce, Ohio

The Podcasts tell the historical stories about the Tawawa Woods, and the Central State University and old Wilberforce University campuses.  These video presentations complement historical markers erected at each site.


Funding from a 2009 Research Challenge Grant supported work to identify the markers and document the significant natural and historical events, as well as important individuals associated with each site.

The sites include:  Wilberforce Cemetery, April 3, 1974 Tornado, Charles Young House, Emery Hall, Homewood Cottage, Power Plant, Scarborough House, The Sunken Garden, The Tawawa Woods, Xenia Springs Wheel Remnants, Carnegie Library, ROTC Cannon/Galloway Hall, Tawawa House/Shorter Hall, and the Old Wilberforce University Fountain.

CSU Archivist Sheila Darrow and English Professor Dr. Amy Hobbs-Harris conducted research for “A Walk Through Local African American History”.

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Introduction Carnegie Library Wilberforce Cemetery Emery Hall
Wilberforce Fountain Homewood Cottage Power Plant ROTC/Galloway Hall
Scarborough House Sunken Garden Tawawa House/Shorter Tawawa Woods
Xenia Spring Wheel Col. Charles Young House 1974 Xenia Tornado