Preparing for SOAR - Paying for CSU Attendance

Parents/guardians – Students must be Enrollment Cleared/Clearance (EC) to be fully admitted as new students to Central State University (CSU). Enrollment Cleared means that full tuition, housing, and meal plan must be paid in full or by an established payment plan using Nelnet Campus Commerce. 

The SOAR event is designed to help you and your student complete the enrollment process for becoming fully admitted as quickly as possible. By following the recommendations listed below, you can ensure the completion of the EC process. The remaining part of this document specifically identifies, the direct cost of attendance and payment options.

2020-21 Annual Estimated Cost

Changes to residence hall tier level, occupancy, or meal plan will affect the annual cost. UPPERCLASSMEN visit the Residence Life webpage for instructions on housing, meal plan options, and other information. A Central State University email account is required in order to access this information.

Follow these steps for quick Enrollment Clearance/Cleared (EC)

To assist you in understanding how to complete the Enrollment Clearance process, the following steps must be completed prior to attending new student orientation/SOAR events: