Welcome to Central State University!

It is our pleasure to serve you and your son/daughter through their college experience.  In four years, you will share another level of excitement as you participate in your child’s graduation activities. Central State University (CSU) is committed to providing the best collegiate academic experience possible.


This Parents & Family Guide is designed to provide the information that is shared with students, but we think it is important for parents and guardians to have access to this important information as well.

Key information regarding how you can support your child’s experience is listed below:



Financial documents submitted for applications are time-sensitive; that means that the earlier you comply with requested dates, the better the opportunities that will be available.  Thousands of students apply for financial aid support, and the earlier you apply, the faster we can respond to your application. Early attention to this matter will enhance your student’s ability to obtain preferential housing, work-study (if applicable), state financial assistance, and in some cases, non-competitive financial support. It is to your advantage to complete all Enrollment Clearance processes before your arrival on campus.


Thank you for allowing CSU to be a part of this transformative experience!

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