Bahamian Student Merit Program


Central State University will award up to ten (10) student scholarships annually for recent public school graduates from the Bahamas. This arrangement is established to encourage Bahamian students to attend Central State University, especially to take advantage of areas of study that are nationally in demand but not readably available in the Bahamas, such as, but not limited to: Fine and Performing Arts, Specialized Education, Water Resource Management, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, and Engineering.


Scholarship Award

Tuition waiver will be provided up to $1,850 (out of state surcharge) and receive a scholarship in the amounts of $6,180. Scholarships will cover double occupancy for rooms only, students will be responsible for the difference if a single room is required. The scholarship will not cover student health insurance 
Students are required to be residential students throughout their duration at Central State University. The total comprehensive direct cost of attendance for international students, including tuition, room, and board, is estimated at $18,030 per year. It is understood that prospective students will be responsible for the indirect cost needed to cover expenses incurred (i.e. travel, personal spending money, book funds, etc.) at an estimated amount of $3,000-$5,000.



Applicants will apply directly to the Central State University's Admissions Office. Students will be required to submit all application materials to Central State University by April 1st. Eligible students will be expected to interview with the Ministry of Education as well as complete the application for the Public Schools Scholars Programme.

International Application

Public Schools Scholars Programme



Each recipient of the Central State University Bahamian Student Merit Scholarship shall satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Be a current citizen of the Bahamas.
  2. Have completed a course of study equivalent to U.S. high school by the June prior to anticipated enrollment at Central State University.
  3. Complete the five (5) Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) Examinations with grade of a C or above, inclusive of Mathematics and English Language.ʉۢ Be eligible for a student visa and complete all visa requirements and fees.
  4. Complete the Central State University international student application process, which includes the following components: International Student Application Secondary School Official Recommendation Form Official academic records Official Minimum 19 ACT or 910 SAT (Critical Reading and Math) scores. Students have the option to submit their tests; however, test scores will not be used to determine admissions. Students interested in athletics is still required to submit scores. Affidavit of Support and Sponsor Statement of Financial Support. Scholarship Statement of Financial Support. â€¢ Complete international student scholarship application
  5. Meet and interview with a Central State University Bahamian Alumni (TUBAH) and Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MOEST) representatives.
  6. Receive official notification of acceptance into Central State University.
  7. Be registered as a full-time student at Central State University and complete housing materials.
  8. Attend International Student Orientation in the August the student enrolls at Central State University.
  9. Serve as a Student Recruiter/Ambassador for MOE and CSU.
  10. Engage in internships if available for their respective major.

Once students confirm their admissions, they will be required to pay a $300 confirmation fee, this is not covered by the scholarship.