Handle Your Business and Enrollment Clearance (EC) Process

Handle Your Business, SUMMER AND FALL

“Handle Your Business” (HYB) is not just a buzz term around campus. It is a campaign to encourage student success in all aspects of your student’s experience. With HYB, we are requiring students to take ownership of their financial, academic, and residential experiences as a Marauder each semester.

New Students

check markSOAR- Student Orientation, Advising and Registration
New students must attend one of these orientation events over the summer preceding the start of the Fall Semester. These events are scheduled from April thru July. Parents/guardians are expected to accompany their student to SOAR to learn about protocols and requirements for the College experience. The offices and associated activities that will be introduced are: schedule advisement, financial aid, cash management and residence life along with representatives from ROTC, Academic Affairs and Athletics. Parents and students will visit with the primary offices to complete the Enrollment process.

check markMost academic programs can be completed in four years. A minimum of 15 credits hours per semester is required to stay on a four-year track completion. Consultation with the academic advisor is required before each semester for schedule advisement to ensure that the courses scheduled are progression toward graduation.

check markParents should be prepared to pay any existing balance at this time using one of the payment options listed below:

Option 1:
Pay your balance in Full (credit card, cashier’s check or money order): One payment covering the full amount of your balance must be received on or before July 5, in the Office of Cash Management. Ensure that your student ID is entered in the note section of the check.

Option 2:
Pay one half of your total balance by July 5, and register with the Student Account Center/Tuition Management System (TMS) and select a payment schedule for the remaining balance over a maximum of 5-months. If you have any questions or need assistance signing up with the Student Account Center, please contact TMS at 800-297-7149.

Option 3:
Register with TMS to select a payment schedule for the full balance owed over a maximum of 5-months. The first installment must be received by July 5th.

HYB Process – March (in preparation for Fall Semester)
There is a six step process to ensure students receive Enrollment Clearance for fall semester.

Step 1: Schedule/Advisement

check markMeet with their Academic Advisor: Meet with your Academic Advisor to schedule your classes for the Fall semester March through April. Consultation with the academic advisor is required before each semester for schedule advisement to ensure that the courses scheduled are progression toward graduation.

Step 2: Student Health and Wellness Center

check markComplete Health Insurance Waiver: This is an opportunity to save $1,600!  The CSU-Student Health Insurance Plan is provided to every enrolled student at a cost of $1,600 for the academic year.  However, students who have current and valid health insurance can opt-out of the insurance by completing the electronic health insurance waiver form.  A link to the form is on the MyCSU home page.

Step 3: Financial Aid

check markThe Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opens October 1st of every year. Completion of this application should occur by December 31st, for priority consideration for need based grants and Federal Work Study. Even if you are not using any federal aid, the FAFSA is still required for consideration of any Institutional support. Completion of this application is required every academic year. Access the application by visiting www.fafsa.ed.gov. Our school code is 003026. As your FAFSA information is received, your aid will be packaged and viewable on MYCSU.

check markVerification Process: This is a random selection process by the federal government from all FAFSA completed. Notification of selection is sent to the student’s MyCSU email address. If selected for Verification, provide the requested documentation to the Office of Financial Aid via https://centralstate.verifymyfafsa.com student portal. We cannot accept forms any other way. Financial aid cannot be awarded to a student until this process is completed, you are encouraged to start early.

check markLoans:

  1. If applying for Parent Plus loan, go to studentloans.gov and complete by June 30th.
  2. If not applying for Parent Plus Loan, proceed to Cash Management to make payment arrangements on any outstanding balance.

Step 4: Cash Management

check markAfter the allocation of all financial aid, review account for any remaining balance with the Office of Cash Management.

check markIf there is a account balance, payment arrangements must be made in order to complete the enrollment clearance process. Balances can be paid by selecting one of three payment options:

  1. Pay full amount of balance by cashier’s check, money order or by credit card by July 5.
  2. Set-up payment plan through the online Student Account Center/Tuition Management Systems(TMS); make initial payment for the first month by July 5. The remaining amount will be paid over a maximum of 4-monthly payments (August – November).
  3. Pay half of the balance and set-up the remaining payments through the Student Account Center/TMS. These payments will be made in a maximum of 4-equal amounts (August – November).

check markDefaulting on payment plans will impact residency and enrollment status.

check markThe names of students with Enrollment Clearance status will be sent to the Registrar’s Office by July 5.

Step 5: Office of the Registrar

check markCheck Enrollment Clearance status after July 5th. The Registrar’s Office will forward final confirmation of your status to the Office of Residence Life.

Step 6: Residence Life

check markApplication for University Campus Housing and Meal Plan Selection is an online process.

check markFreshmen and Sophomore students with less than 60-credit hours are required to reside in Campus Housing. Exceptions are considered and approved by the Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management (SAEM). Please refer to the Student Handbook (PDF) for a complete list of applicable exceptions and further details. Students who do not adhere to the University policy will still be charged and held responsible to pay the cost of University housing charges (assuming double occupancy). These charges will be applied to the student’s MyCSU account.

check markAll continuing students are eligible to apply for University housing however, Enrollment Clearance status is required to confirm a room selection. Refer to the important Housing Application Processing Dates below:

check markMeal Plans are available to all students

HYB Process – October (in preparation for Spring Semester)
There is a four step process to ensure students receive Enrollment Clearance for spring semester.

Step 1: Scheduled/Advised

check markI met with my advisor to receive my spring 2019 schedule.

Step 2: Financial Aid

check markI have submitted outstanding documents for my 2018-2019 Financial Aid file.

check markMy federal aid and/or scholarships for spring 2019 has been finalized.

Step 3: Cash Management

check markI have been informed of my outstanding balance and have established a payment plan or paid the balance in full on my account.

Step 4: Residence Life

check markI selected my meal plan for the spring 2019 semester.

check markI do not plan to live on campus for spring 2019. *Note: If you are a student who currently resides on campus, you are required to submit a withdraw petition. Submitting this form does not guarantee approval.

check markStudents who did not reside in University housing during the fall semester must receive EC before they are eligible for University Housing. The application for University housing includes a fee that is charged to the student’s account. Verification of EC status comes from the Registrar’s Office and is forwarded to the Office of Residence Life (allow 2-business days to receive notification). Once received, the student’s residential hall assignment is confirmed.

Step 5: Registrar Office

check markI am registered for the spring 2019 semester and have obtained enrollment clearance.