Advising & Course Registration

“First 15” Rule
Students must complete 15 credit hours in Level I before progressing to Level II.

Level I Courses
A college course that meets the following criteria:
> A transferable course (Part of CTAG, OTM, or TAG or equivalent at a private college or private university (i.e., CTAG: Career-Technical Assurance Guides, OTM: Ohio Transfer Module, TAG: Transfer Assurance Guides)
> A course in computer science, information technology, anatomy, physiology
> A technical certificate course
> Any course that may be approved by the Chancellor on an annual basis

Level II Courses
Student progressions through the program:
> Any course that is not a Level 1 course
> An exception to the “First 15” rule could be implemented if the student wishes to continue in the same discipline area or directly tests into a Level II Course.
Contact the College Credit Plus Academic Advisor for assistance registering for classes.
LaKeysha Smith
Director OACA
College Credit Plus Academic Advisor
O: 937-376-6354