Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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Now, you can earn your Master of Business Administration with Central State University!

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is composed of 36 credit hours. The degree is intended for students with undergraduate business and non-business degrees. Students who complete the program will have a broad knowledge of management, technology, strategic thinking, and managing teams. Students will also have core skills in marketing, accounting, and finance.

The degree will prepare students to enter professional careers or complete advanced studies through rigorous academic preparation, robust mentorship, enrichment opportunities, and service learning. The program includes coursework in managerial accounting; organizational behavior; quantitative methods for managers; business ethics; international business; leadership; supply chain and corporate logistics; fundamentals of project management; project implementation; and investments. The program concludes with a capstone course in advanced project management practices.
The objective of this program is to prepare graduate students from diverse backgrounds to acquire a broad range of knowledge and skills essential for successful managerial and leadership positions in industry and government. Through case study analysis, simulations, class discussions, hands-on exercises, group projects, and more, students will gain and develop essential managerial and leadership competencies that apply to any industry, including government, insurance, research, education, banking, manufacturing, retail, transportation, and others.

Foundation courses for non-business degree students

Students seeking admission to the program without a business degree will be required to take foundational or leveling courses. Students must earn or have earned credit hours in the following classes: Principles of Economics, Principles of Marketing, Financial Accounting, Principles of Finance, Business Statistics, and Management & Organizational Behavior. These courses may be completed in a variety of ways CSU’s main campus, CSU Dayton, Central State Global, and other accredited business programs.

MBA specializations

The MBA program has two tracks: general management and project management.

  • Graduates of the MBA program in the Project Management Track will possess the knowledge, skill, and competencies to apply project implementation principles in any business situation. In addition to the general business courses, the project management track focuses on project initiation and selection, project implementation, and a capstone that allows students to see a project through the entire process.

    The project management track prepares learners with the tools, techniques, and processes required to manage projects to and through completion using standards from several industries. To accomplish the objectives of this course, students will learn to utilize project management software and industry-leading simulations to hone skills acquired at the undergraduate level and develop critical competencies that will assist them in becoming PMP certified.

    36 credit hours required (All courses are three credit hours) 

    Core business courses 

    MBA 5100 — Managerial Accounting

    MBA 5110 — Corporate Finance

    MBA 5120 — Organizational Behavior

    MBA 5130 — Marketing Management

    MBA 5140 — Quantitative Methods for Managers

    MBA 5150 — Corporate Economic Decision Making

    MBA 5160 — Business Ethics

    MBA 5170 — Management Information Systems

    Specialization courses

    MBA 6200 — Fundamentals of Project Management

    MBA 6210 — Project Initiation and Selection

    MBA 6220 — Project Implementation

    MBA 6510 — Capstone Class / Advanced Project Management Practices

  • Students that complete the MBA program in the general management track will have a broad knowledge of management and technology, strategic thinking, and managing teams. Students will also have core skills in marketing, accounting, and finance.

    The degree will prepare students to begin or enhance professional careers or to enter advanced studies through rigorous academic preparation, robust mentorship, enrichment opportunities, and service learning.

    This track includes courses in accounting, ethics, financial management, logistics, quantitative methods, and operations. It empowers students to complement the competencies acquired at the undergraduate level and prepares learners for leadership in today’s changing and dynamic industries, including banking, customer service, government, and manufacturing.

    36 credit hours required

    Core business courses (three credit hours each)

    MBA 5100  Managerial Accounting

    MBA 5110  Corporate Finance

    MBA 5120  Organizational Behavior

    MBA 5130  Marketing Management

    MBA 5140 — Quantitative Methods for Managers

    MBA 5150 — Corporate Economic Decision Making

    MBA 5160  Business Ethics

    MBA 5170  Management Information Systems

    MBA 6500  Capstone Class / Strategic Management

    Specialization courses (nine semester hours required) 

    MBA 6100  Investments

    MBA 6110  International Business

    MBA 6120  Supply Chain and Corporate Logistics

    MBA 6130  Leadership


  • 100% online
  • GMAT waiver available for applicants with 3.00 GPAs
  • Earn a degree in as little as a year
  • Ranked as Ohio's most affordable public university 

MBA Handbook

Learn more about the MBA program by viewing the program handbook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Absolutely! 

    The CSU-MBA program is fully recognized by the Ohio Department of Higher Education through the Chancellors' Council for Graduate Studies. Additionally, the program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission as are all of the programs in the College of Business. 

  • The CSU-MBA requires 36 semester credit hours to complete the degree program. Twenty-four hours are in the MBA core and 12 hours are required in each specialization.

    Students can complete the program in one year by taking accelerated courses that are provided in eight-week terms. 

    Of the 36 credit hours, 24 credit hours are comprised of core courses related to functional business areas. These include Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Organizational Behavior, Marketing Management, Quantitative Methods for Managers, Corporate Economic Decision Making, Business Ethics, and Management Information Systems.

    Students in the general MBA track take an additional four concentration courses (12 credits) from the following: Investments, International Business, Supply Chain and Corporate Logistics, Leadership, and Strategic Management (capstone). Students will work with advisors to navigate the program based on their career goals.

    Applicants who do not have an undergraduate degree in business or a related field will be required to take foundational courses in business prior to taking MBA courses. Those courses are Economics, Financial Accounting, Business Finance, Business Statistics, Management & Organizational Behavior, and Marketing.

    These courses can be taken in the online program through the College of Business at CSU. 

  • The graduate management admission test or GMAT is the preferred assessment to qualify for admission. The GRE is accepted as an alternative assessment. 

    Central State offers GMAT waivers for students who meet the following qualifications: GMAT (or GRE equivalent) is not required for students with a bachelor's degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Applicants with a cumulative GPA between 2.50 and 2.99 are required to submit a GMAT minimum score of 450 (or GRE equivalent).

  • Central State University is the most affordable University in the state of Ohio. The cost is $550 per semester credit hour for in-state students and $650 per credit hour for out-of-state students.

    For more information regarding cost and financial support, contact the Office of Financial Aid

  • Central State University professors who are teaching in the MBA hold advanced degrees in their respective teaching areas. All have terminal degrees (DBA, Ph.D., etc.) in at least one business discipline. Many have significant industry experience, have taught in business programs for extended periods of time, or are active researchers. These scholars have demonstrated a high level of competence and most are published and have made contributions to peer-reviewed journals in business, accounting, or economic journals.

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