Jazz Ensemble

Preparing for your first semester in music



Applied instrument

  • Contact your potential principal applied faculty member to find out what they expect when you arrive.
  • Maintain your instrument so it is in good working condition for your first semester.
  • Practice over the summer.
  • Establish strong work habits and discipline now.

Music Theory, MUS 1101

Every music major must take four semesters of music theory. Each class is comprised of four sections: written theory, dictation, recitation, and sight singing. On the first day of the fall semester, freshmen Music majors will take the music theory entrance evaluation, which places them in either MUS 1100, Fundamentals of Music, or MUS 1101, Music Theory I. In order to graduate in the fewest number of semesters, it is imperative that the student place into MUS 1101.

Contact Dr. Jenny Cruz at jcruz@centralstate.edu or 937-376-6404 to receive the materials necessary to prepare for the entrance evaluation.  

Class Piano, MUS 1151

Unless you test out of Class Piano (two to four semesters of study), every non-piano major will be required to take and pass Class Piano. The requirements for testing out of MUS 1151 are as follows:

  • Major scales
  • Hands apart
  • All 12 keys
  • Two octaves
  • Triads and inversions – broken
  • Hands apart
  • All 12 keys
  • Two octaves
  • A repertoire piece – beginning level
  • Sight reading very easy melodies
  • Timed note-reading
  • Clapping
  • Transposition – five-finger pattern