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Special Caution to Students About Date Rape Drugs

Special Caution to Students About Date Rape Drugs
By The Department of Police & Safety

The Central State University Police Department recently detained and arrested two individual who possessed a substance believed to be MDMA (methylenedioxy-methylamphetamine) or Ecstasy. Ecstasy is a psychedelic amphetamine that may be used to reduce a person's ability to make proper decisions. Ecstasy may produce neuro-toxic damage to the central nervous system

This type of drug is being used to facilitate sexual assault across the country. Although no confirmed cases have previously been reported on-campus, the CSU Police Department urges residents of the Central State University community to be alert to the possibility and take steps to protect themselves. Date rape drugs, such as Ecstasy (or X), Rohypnol, GHB, and Ketamine, can be slipped into an unsuspecting persons drink. Rapid and severe intoxication follows, along with dramatically reduced inhibitions and memory loss. In this condition, anyone can be extremely vulnerable to sexual assault. To protect yourself, do not leave drinks unattended and be wary of accepting drinks from people you do not know well. To be even more careful, make sure that you open and pour your own drink, and don't share drinks with others. It is also wise to use the buddy system while socializing - when you go out with friends, agree to keep an eye on one another and to go home together.

If a friend starts to exhibit symptoms of date-rape drug ingestion, seek medical help immediately. Signs to look for include: dizziness and/or nausea, memory loss, breathing or motion difficulties, and acting disproportionately intoxicated relative to the amount of alcohol consumed. The CSU police department urges anyone who believes they or a friend has been the victim of a date rape drug to immediately contact the CSU Police Department. On campus, the CSUPD can be reached at (937) 376-5111. Victims of any form of sexual assault are encouraged to seek confidential support at the University Counseling Services at the student Health Center or call (937) 376-6134.