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Central State University Police Department
Joseph D. Lewis/George T. Simpson (Building #23)
Open 24 hours, 7 days a week
Phone (General): 937-376-6368
Fax: 937-376-6047

Police Dispatch (Non-Emergency):

Emergency: 911

  • 911 from campus phone

Monday-Thursday 8 AM-5 PM


Marauder Alerts

Dear Central State University,

Safety is a top priority at Central State University. In our ongoing efforts to enhance the safety and security of our community, the University has added The ALERTUS Mass Notification System. ALERTUS is a multilayered system that sends out mass notifications and crisis information to the community.

To create the new comprehensive notification system from the ground up, Central State deployed the Alertus Alert Beacon® (yellow box located on the inside and outside of all buildings), Alertus Mobile Apps, Alertus Desktop™ Notification, digital signage override, high power speaker array with text-to-speech interface, ThreatWatcher weather notification, and panic buttons with USB connectivity. The new campus emergency notification system is called Marauder Alert.

In the event of a life threatening emergency, faculty, staff and students will receive messaging, delivered through Marauder Alert that provides basic information about the type of emergency and safety instructions. The Central State University Police Department manages the system, and is responsible for sending out all emergency alerts to the campus.

Installing the Alertus Desktop application and Alertus Mobile App is an effective method for you to receive critical information and instructions during an emergency, when seconds and minutes matter.  Installation is easy and should only take a few minutes. Running the application is unobtrusive, does not interrupt your day-to-day activity, and will not interfere with your computer or mobile phone operation in any way. We ask that everyone with a CSU issued computer, install the Alertus Desktop application. We ask that ALL students, faculty and staff download the Alertus Mobile App. Both applications along with instructions to download can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Alertus Information Page

Together we can make Central State University a community that is safe for everyone.

Stephanie D. Hill
Chief of Police
Signature on file in the Police Departmnet